Nurturing Nature

I decided to abandoned one of my previously discussed direction of: “Destruction from the point of view of a computer algorithm is data-moshing.” as I was running out of time to complete the series. I realized that I had quite a bit of experimentation and testing that had not been done to create a work that I would be satisfied with. As such, I decided to explore the direction of Random Generation a bit more. I did some research and came across the concept of Pelin Noise

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Creating Chaos

For this composition, I will be tackling the idea of: “Chaos from the point of view of a computer algorithm is random generation.”

Random Generation is a computational algorithm designed to generate a sequence of numbers or symbols that can not be reasonably predicted better than by random chance. The success of a random generation algorithm is determined by the number of times, a particular number of symbol is repeated when a result is requested. The less repetition, the more successful the generator.

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Organizing Order (Pixel Sort Part 2)

Here are some thumbnails of the creation process. I have documented the different stages, from the start to the finish. The different sorting results were imported into Photoshop and composited together. I also made the image black and white to resolve the color differences between my source images. I also felt that the series would look more cohesive if all the final results were monochromatic.

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Organizing Order (Pixel Sort Part 1)

While working on the series, I consulted Ina to see if I could work on a larger scale. I wanted to have the works be detailed and intricate and thought that the larger size will be able to do justice to the compositions. I decided that working on A3 for my final works would be an ideal size. With this decided, I was able to create works that were larger and more complex.

The first design that I created was the Pixel Sorting one. The biggest challenge with making this work was identifying a process that would help me produce the results I wanted in an efficient manner. After looking around, I realized that I would have to create a program that would help me analyze a digital image and carry out the pixel sorting according to the instructions I gave it.

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