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Here’s my submission for the in-class assignment.

Biography 1

Chin Kee Yong is a Singaporean artist, game designer, and creative writer. Raised on a diet of fantasy video games, sci-fi TV shows, and nightmarish online horror fiction, he plots to create immersive and memorable video game experiences so that he can inflict his creative vision on everyone else.

Selected works:

Things in the Dark is a horror game that explores the use of limited vision and audio cues to establish a creepy atmosphere. It was designed and developed by a team of 4 NTU students with Kee Yong as a designer and programmer.

The Weight of a Soul is a suspense adventure game (work in progress) that casts the player as part of an ongoing narrative. It depicts a rich and immersive fantasy world that reacts to the player’s input and choices.

Kee Yong’s resume and website can be found here.

Biography 2

Chin Kee Yong is a 3rd year Interactive Media student. He specializes in video game design. What he specializes in is the theme of cyber punk and horror which he includes into his work. He interned in capital games studio in Singapore in 2017 as a graphic designer. He also helped to playtest and write the rulebook, and provided some promotional graphics for the Kickstarter campaign.


is his portfolio.

Currently he is working on, a weight of the soul which is his favourite one because it is his final project that he describes as very ambitious. It combined world building and horror themes. This project is very dear to him because it has received press attention.https://chinkeeyong.wordpress.com/the-weight-of-a-soul/

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