4D In-Class Exercise: Clock Time

Today in class, we were asked to create a video with our phones that expressed “clock time” (i.e. time measured linearly, in hours, minutes and seconds). Being the uncreative sod I am, I decided to go with an avant-garde video of my laptop’s digital clock, chronicling the moment it ticked from 4:24 to 4:25.

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3D Project 1: Pandora’s Box – Sketch Models

I will confess, I don’t really get Foundation 3D class. We seem to be exploring three-dimensional forms and how we perceive them, except instead of working with clay sculpting or CAD software, we’re restricted to wedging three boxes of varying sizes on top of each other. There’s abstract sculpture, and then there’s… well. How do you express anything with three boxes? I feel like I’m missing the point of these exercises.

In any case, the theme I’ve been assigned to convey through my box arrangement is — wait for it — ZING.

Sorry, Big Bang Theory fans.

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