History of Design: DADA

For my creative response I’ve decided to make an A3 poster about Dada.

This “poster” is a nonsense juxtaposition of pages from the 2017 O-level Math paper. If you’re looking for a meaning you won’t find one — it’s a gibberish mess of lines, letters, shapes, and grades, crammed into a tight space, ultimately signifying nothing. In other words, it’s a perfect representation of the Singaporean educational system.

This poster is a statement about Singaporean education. It is not okay that our educational institutions focuses on numbers over reality, and paper qualifications over actual qualifications. Somewhere in the maze of rules and bureaucracy we’ve forgotten how to actually make sense. My work reflects that.

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Chin Kee Yong

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3 thoughts on “History of Design: DADA”

  1. A very interesting way to approach DADA! Never really thought of doing it this way and your message behind the poster is very relatable, especially going through all these many years of education

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