2D Project 2: Forrest Gump – Final Submission

For our second 2D project, “Forrest Gump,” we were invited to create a series of images that subvert movie quotes. I opted for a memeworthy line from the martial arts film Ip Man, in which the dignified gentleman protagonist loses his cool and demands the chance to fight ten people.

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2D Project 1: My Line is Emo – Final Submission

For our first 2D project, we were tasked to design a series of 6 lines, each representing a specific emotion. (“Line” here meaning “a long, thin rectangular canvas,” not a literal line.) This was a test of our ability to convey concepts through visual expression. Among other restrictions: it had to be primarily 2D, it had to be abstract, and it had to be in black and white.

To create the visual elements of our work, we were encouraged to experiment with mark making. Our tutor Joy thoughtfully provided many artist examples (which I didn’t study) and a host of facilities (which I rarely used). We were encouraged to experiment by making a big mess on paper (which I did, a lot) if we cleaned up afterwards (I mostly didn’t).

So how did it go? Well, don’t tell anyone, but…

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2D Research: Franz Kline

For my first post I’m supposed to talk about an artist I’ve been inspired by — one of the sample artists provided as reference for our first project, “My Line is Emo.” I’ve decided to go with Franz Kline.

“Untitled” by Franz Kline. Original image from Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 4.0

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