Assignment 3: User Experience of Hawker Centers & Food Courts



Document your observations using a combination of photographs and/or video, audio recordings and notes in your journal. Observe the following: how do customers find what they want, find a place to sit, save a table, choose, communicate what they want and what languages are spoken, how do vendors advertise their products to customers, how do they compete with other vendors? Why might some places be more popular than others? What else do you observe in terms of user behaviors? Carefully observe both customer and vendor behavior and document them. Notice lighting, sounds, smells and other factors and how they might affect the way people experience their environment.


2 thoughts on “Assignment 3: User Experience of Hawker Centers & Food Courts

  1. Nik Halim


    Was looking at (8. Appeal to senses) images and comparing between Starbucks and KFC/Pizza Hut cafe. People usually justify saying that they go to Starbucks not just for the coffee but for the ‘experience’ and the space itself. However, the Starbucks here doesn’t look conducive to relax or hang out with if compared with the spatial quality with the image from KFC/Pizza Hut. So I was just wondering what exactly is the main factor for this. Is it because of the branding? The ambience? Or some other reason?

    Apart from that, I really like the way you structured the observation by making a journey map for easy comparison between the 2 different consumer journey!

    • Hello Nik!

      The Starbucks at North Spine is different from the common space for various reasons: cooler temperature because of air-con, different smell that is distinctively Starbucks, many power plugs, warm lighting, and so on. This factors might contribute to one’s decision to hang out there.

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