Dictionary reference: Re:Refugees

4fbe3e34803051.56df5f03e2198 89286234803051.56df5f03e0f71The circulation of myths and misinformation are significant barriers in understanding the issues concerning refugees and asylum seekers. It is a complex and delicate subject that can be difficult to approach, and much of this information is both restricted and misleading or misunderstood.
Re:RefugeesĀ is a two-part resource book educating us with the truth behind common myths and questions regarding refugees and asylum seekers and provides terminology frequently used in conversation, allowing us to understand the impact and power these words have. When informed with the truth, we gain clearer insight and a genuine understanding towards refugees, enabling us to appropriately respond to the realities of the refugee plight.
This book is designed for aid workers or anyone interested in the field. I envisioned for it to be purchased online and could be supplied and distributed by NGOs to reach their networks and communities.
Artwork by Natalie Shue, Australia.