2D Project 2 // Research 2

We have presented on our initial ideation and direction of this project – point of view, and I have received many constructive feedbacks from my classmates (THANK YOU ALL!)

Moving forward, here are my final 6 phrases that I will be working on for the visuals:

  1. Water from the point of view of a flame is death.
    (Plan: to pour the water on the flame, but the water doesn’t touch the flame OR water touches flame and and it extinguishes)
  2. Water from the point of view of feng shui is flow of money.
    (Plan: Using the idea of Fountain of Wealth at Suntec)
  3. Water from the point of view of a Thai citizen is Songkran Festival.
    (Plan: Direct a scene of songkran with my friends)
  4. Water from the point of view of Singapore is contract.
    (Plan: incorporate newater – still planning!)
  5. Water from the point of view of instant noodles is completion.
    (Plan: Photograph the adding of water into the noodles)
  6. Water from the point of view of Science is ph7.
    (Plan: Show the litmus paper test and that water is ph7 – still planning!)

I will be focusing on illustrating only the WATER, since this is the topic I have chosen for this project. The other objects or setting will all be real, directed and photographed.

In the midst of planning my edits, I found a reference artist with a similar execution style that I am looking at – Hattie Stewart

hs1 hs2 hs3 hs4













On my previous post, the artist incorporated 2D into a 3D object, and snapped an image to make the 3D object look 2D. But Hattie Stewart’s execution is definitely closer to what I am looking to achieve. Graphic illustrations on top on an image or photography. Hattie’s designs are very elaborated, almost giving the idea of dadaism? For mine, I will only focus on her execution, on how she blend her illustration and photography that it will complement each other!

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