Project 3 The Library



The installation includes a pillow case with a speaker inserted inside that plays the sounds softly and constantly. 

The pillow was placed at the sitting area near the magazine racks. And a picture of the night sky will be placed above the pillow using blutac. (Refer to above image)

Final Installation

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Artist Statement

乡音 (Xiang Yin ), The Rural Sound

Xiang Yin is an installation project that expresses the artist’s memories of the soundscape from her rural hometown in China. The sounds from life in the rural area such as rooster crows in the morning, cries from children playing in the yard, etc. are sounds that make her feel at home and at ease.  She hopes to share the soothing qualities of her home town with her listener. Through the images and sounds, the listener may start to picture the simple and peaceful rural life, all of which now though distant, remains a wonderful memory for the artist.



The night sky picture attached above the pillow



Screenshot of the soundtracks

Clik here to listen to soundtrack!!

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