Journey-initial idea 2



  When I looked out of my window, I was so amazed by the orange light and reflection on the window frame. When the focus was on the frame, the light turned blur and the drain ditch somehow reminded me of a train track. So I took my camera and walked outside to explore. The lights turn out to be fascinating when they were out of focus. With contrast of the darkness, the orange color seemed more warm and cozy. I also loved the light in between the tree leaves.

Capture2 Capture3

  Besides taking photos, I did some Photoshop editing to explore on colors and contrast as well. Different exposures bring certain different emotions toward the image. When it was desaturated, we tend to pay more attention on the contrast of the brightness than the colors of the objects themselves.


Another idea of taking photos/videos of an small object/figure in the nature as it is taking an adventure also hit me the other day. I kind of like the idea but didn’t think of an ideal thing to represent the hero.

The End