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I remembered that my mother would always tell me about her childhood whenever we visited Balestier Road, so I thought it would be great if I could find out a bit more about it for this project.

I went online to find out more about Balestier, and I found that the government has been preserving the area as a heritage site. There are Balestier Heritage Trail sign posts around the area and also an online brochure and website for people to take a look.

On one sunny Sunday, my father drove my mother and I to Boon Teck Rd, which is one of Balestier’s side roads.

Took a bunch of pictures while we explored the area:



As we walked, I would point out things I found interesting to my mother and ask if she remembered anything significant about it. Most of the landmarks, like Balestier Market, were pointed out by my mother. We walked around the main road after visiting Boon Teck Rd, then made our way to Whampoa Drive as well.

More pictures!








I wanted to let people experience the memories of what my mother and I saw in Balestier, and as memories do not have an end to them, I wanted to do something in which people could see what we saw indefinitely. I thought that gifs would be a great aspect of media that I could explore, which then let me to thinking that I could make gifs from the still shots that I took from the area. Since I took pictures as well, I thought it would be great to compile all of these “memories” into a webpage.

It has been a while since I used Weebly, and it seems even more advanced now (the lack of coding makes everything much easier to work with).

The only regret I have with using Weebly for this project is the fact that I’d have to pay to upgrade my account to insert background sound (which would help with bringing people more engaged in the project).

My project’s final artwork can be found on this website:


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