3D Final Project

I worked with Audrelia on the final 3D project of this semester!

For a recap, here’s a look at my modular construction:



TOOLS USED: Tracing paper, Daiso silver and gold party metal wrapper fasteners, nice looking paper from POPULAR

We wanted the sculptures to emit a warm glow and something that you would place in your bedroom. So, we used tracing paper for the base of our sculpture as tracing paper is a translucent material (and it would cover up some of the light such that it would not be too hard on the eyes).

We made each individual piece to have an oculus, so that there will be light emitting from the top. People will then be able to see and read in their bedrooms.


First, we blew up balloons and did paper mache using tracing paper. Afterwards, we popped the balloons and got some very nice material that emitted a nice glow with the lights we wanted to use.


Afterwards, we rolled the wrapper fasteners into cones using the sharp tip of a pencil. I glued them to two of the tracing paper moulds using hot glue guns.


Audrelia crunched up the nice paper and pasted it to the other two moulds using hot glue guns as well.


We took the spiky unit from my modular construction, and took the wavy unit from Audrelia’s modular construction.


The finished piece!



2016-11-19-17-29-44 2016-11-19-17-29-48

2016-11-19-17-29-51  2016-11-14-11-25-47     2016-11-14-12-34-06




BLK 30 Kelantan Road + Project 01

Day trip to Kelantan Road! I caught a 800CP Golduck and 700+CP Electabuzz there but more importantly, I got some good stuff from the Thieves’ Market and the provision shop.


I got some springs, screws and a bunch of random stuff from the provision shop.

2016-08-18 14.48.49

2016-08-18 14.48.41



Here, I got some more stuff.

2016-08-18 14.42.30

I bought those blue and pink wire stuff in the cardboard box. They’re supposed to be those miniature light bulbs that’s used to decorated pasar malams, but here I got them with the metal piece without the light bulbs.

2016-08-18 14.42.44



My original intention was to make two bull figures fight each other on a platform (thus the green box), but the finished product turned out rather differently…

TOOLS USED: hot glue gun, and the items below.

2016-08-25 13.45.12-min

After creating the body of the bull, I realized that it was very difficult to attach the head piece to the body. So I dismantled it after this picture.

2016-08-25 15.03.56

Afterwhich I combined the rest of the metal pieces (from the miniature lightbulb wires) to form a more compact body. I didn’t know what do to at this point, but simply put the metal rings to other pieces and eventually formed a mouse-like head piece. Then, I attached it to the body and produced a mouse! The coiled tail piece were the blue and pink wires which I removed from the miniature light bulbs.


2016-08-25 16.39.25

2016-08-25 17.11.00

2016-08-25 17.11.42

There are springs with wire through them to form a backbone, and also to give the mouse a curved back for realism. I used two thicker springs (compacted together) for each hind leg and 3 thinner springs (also compacted together) to form each rear leg.

2016-08-25 17.11.10

Rather unexpected finished product but I’m very happy with it!

2016-08-25 17.13.25

Afterwards, the professor told us to make a simpler sculpture with our leftover pieces. I used the white tape that I dismantled from the original bull body piece to form tentacles of a jellyfish! Used a expanded metal coil to form the top curved part of a jellyfish.

2016-08-25 17.10.06 2016-08-25 17.09.54


This was a really fun project! I enjoyed making that trip to Kelantan Road to scavenge for the sculpture’s pieces and executing the project was exciting. Even though my original idea did not work out, I do like the unexpected finished product.