POV: Research

When I first got to know about this project, I wanted to talk about K-Pop idols. They may seem very glamorous and perfect on the outside but is that really what is happening behind the scenes?     There are many articles online that show the ugly side of being a K-Pop idol. It is a very competitive and definitely… Read more →

POV: K-Pop Idols

The following images are my final pieces for this project.   1. POV from entertainment company (The entertainment often view idols as money making machines and do not really care about their views. Idols have no say in which shows they want to do or not and are blinded by the entertainment company’s direction.)   2. POV from other idols… Read more →

Walking Home

Task 1 Using a still camera, create a series of photographs to share your idea and opinion about your home.   Emptiness 6 offset prints with matte lamination     This series of photographs show what I see when I go back home. Simple objects and parts of the house but it has a deep meaning to me. The photographs… Read more →

SAM Visit

On 25 January 2016, we went on a class visit to Singapore Arts Museum. Below are two installations which really caught my attention.   HEMAN CHONG Calendars (2020-2096) 2004-2010 1001 offset prints with matte lamination 30 x 30 cm (each), installation dimensions variable Singapore Art Museum Collection      This installation had a very big space and at first sight, I… Read more →

Groovy Steps!

For this exercise, we have to use our mobile phone to create a sequence dance steps to introduce myself. It should have a 3 act structure (beginning, middle and end).   In the first part, I want to show that I am cool and I like keeping up with trends. I like K-pop too. As for the second part, I… Read more →

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