Tag: Sculpture

Project 2: Gaia’s Ikebana

Research on Ikebana           Ikebana comes from the root words “ike” which means arrange and the words “bana”which comes from the word “hana” which means flower, hence ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. It is also known as “kado” which means the way of the flowers. Ikebana is very much different from western styles… Read more →

Weight/Mass: 3D

Something that interests me 3┬ádimensionally So what interested me immensely was my John Delinger spectacle box. Why you might ask? For it is just a normal spectacle box. Well this sat on a table beside my normal spectacle box which was transparent as shown below. And I started thinking why the John Delinger spectacle box looks so much more regal… Read more →

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