Month: April 2018

Project 2 part 1 – Istana Woodneuk

About Istana Woodneuk Istana Woodneuk is an Istana that belonged to Sultan Abu Bakar ibni Daing Ibrahim. It sits upon a quiet hill in between Tyresall road and Holland road. After a fire that ravaged its brilliant blue roof in 2006, the Istana now sits abandoned. Throughout the years, both man and nature has ravaged the place creating an interesting… Read more →

The bag project

Ideation For my ideation process I first started thinking about bags which would have more unique functions, for example, like bags that could change in function or form. And that is when I thought about steampunk bags, which has a gorgeous aesthetic, but the function of the bag did not follow its form. These bags have intricate gears but hey… Read more →

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