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In Defense of Ludonarrative Disonance

In Defense of Ludonarrative Disonance Ludonarrative dissonance is a critical game term. Its most basic understanding is when the gameplay of a game does not match with the fiction that it presents. First coined by Clint Hocking, creative director of Splinter Cell (Ubisoft, 2002)  and Far Cry 2 (Ubisoft, 2008) , in his 2007 essay “Ludo Narrative Dissonance in Bioshock,… Read more →

ID Seminar – Creative Industry Report

Creative Industry Report: Satoshi Tajiri Satoshi Tajiri, is the creator of a franchise that I hold dear, Pokemon.  Rather than use this part of the report to go through his own personal history or the undoubted success of Pokemon, currently the best selling multimedia franchise of all time. I will write about the two lessons I have learnt while researching… Read more →

Wearable Tech Submission

Foreward   So sadly, I am not able to complete my final costume as of right now because of the COVID-19 situation and I do not have a sewing machine. However, I do still eventually plan to complete my costume. Once school reopens and I am able to do so. So for my submission I will be detailing what I… Read more →

A little about me

My Name: Muhammad Shaherfi Haidi Bin Sidin   Interests: Playing Games, reading books, watching shows, watching/reading analysis of the media I consume and doing the above with my siblings   For School: Games and Interactive Installations.   Favorite projects from previous sems:   Repose Purpose   Inspirations   NieR: Automata   2. Pokemon Black and White   Interactive Environments Project Augmented… Read more →

The Internet of Things – Sega Dreamcast

Definition Oxford dictionary definition “the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.” Internet and Gaming Currently online gaming features is essentially a must for any game that wants to be taken seriously. Even if it isnt a multiplayer game, some for of online features will be slapped on. Sega… Read more →

Morse Armlet bracelet Process

Project Idea Idea: To create a bracelet that sends encouraging messages in morse-code vibrations when it is rubbed anxiously. Aim:  Create a focus point for the wearer’s anxiety and also comfort them. Inspiration: Leo Valdez from Rick Riordan’s “The Heroes of Olympus”. Leo Valdez and his mother when working in opposite ends of a large workshop would tap out morse messages like… Read more →

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