2D Assignment 1 – Lines (Completed Work)

The completed 18 emotions:

  1. Bizarre – Tiny dots that formed inconsistent and strange shapes, that does not allow the viewer’s eyes to focus on anything at once.
  2. Anxious – Played on the fear, Trypophobia (whether it is proven or not), as many people, including myself, feel uncomfortable looking at multiple holes in a region.
  3. Spontaneous – Used medium, glitter, to represent explosiveness and fun, which symbolises spontaneity. Nail polish used over glitter to prevent it from falling out. Grey outline to further allow glitter to stand out.
  4. Lyrical – Music gets predictable, as the lyrics and chords are repeated in songs. I used a repeated, cursive pattern to represent repeated rhythms.
  5. Awkward – Different but similar shapes to show that people who feel awkward would feel uneasy as they are different from others. Consistent but plain background to allow shapes to stand out more.
  6. Sensual – Emotion is related to feelings of carnal desire or pleasure. The beach is often related to sensuality, so I wanted to create a softer, and more inviting version of seashells.
  7. Distracted – Lines that start of straight, but at various times, differ from the path they are supposed to take.
  8. Indecisive – Used a kaleidoscope of triangles, circles and squares, all fluctuating irregularly towards different directions.
  9. Fragile – Drew bullet holes on the paper, and wrapped plastic over. The plastic was meant to protect the paper, but it shows that fragile things in life will typically be broken eventually.
  10. Embarrassed – Used many types of eyes to show that the spotlight is on the viewer. Whether it is in their minds only or actually taking place, embarrassed people usually feel that many people are scrutinising them.
  11. Psychotic – Portraying a serial killer. Their insanity does not ever leave them, but is more volatile at some timings. Hence, used dark, confusing lines in the middle to show consistent insanity, but overbearing, raw emotions at various points.
  12. Aggressive – Cut the paper and painted over to resemble cuts on skin with dried blood. Used stapler bullets to punch right through the paper as well to show anger.
  13. Ambiguous – Used fingerprints and paint to show ambiguity and mysteriousness. The design is confusing and difficult to follow.
  14. Nonsensical – Drew many different patterns in circles that represent marbles in different sizes, that children usually play with.
  15. Turbulent – Background is tumultuous waves, as the sea can be dangerous and unstable. Added scotch tape over the waves to add a reflective, watery effect.
  16. Exhausted – White parts are like human bones, as people feel exhausted every once in a while. Gave the bones a cracked appearance.
  17. Systematic – Triangles are pointed, and made using straight lines, giving them a structured look. Background and foreground are uniform, an unchanging element.
  18. Sloven – Different pen inks and patterns to show haphazard drawings – lazy and untidy. The peaks are unsteady, displaying carelessness.

Ones that were spoken about in presentation:

Sensual, Aggressive and Turbulent ( photos as follows)

IMG_8033  IMG_8032


Photos of completed work:

IMG_7853  IMG_7852

IMG_7851  IMG_7850

IMG_7849  IMG_7848