Describe a photograph



The photograph was taken at about 5pm in Perth, Australia at King’s Park. It’s a beautiful day, with no clouds in the sky, and the golden hour is casting a warm golden glow that gently touches every inch of the otherwise blue-ish evening. I’m perched on a large hill, with the chilly evening breeze blowing relentlessly. I’m surrounded by nature – trees, grass and shrubs are abundant, trimmed neatly along the stone pathways and creeping up gravel roads. There are all sorts of charming foliage. Some stand tall and magnificent while others are spread out over the vast land. People trickle in and out, walking around me, but everyone is quiet, relishing in the relaxing atmosphere.

To match the glorious blue sky, I can see the giant lake at the base of the hill that stretches out miles and miles. From where I am, I can peer through the leaves to see the tiny residential area that is spotted across the opposite edge of the vibrant blue water. It has dissolved into a thin, yellowish line that distinguishes the horizon, separating the sky and water.