Project 2B_Research and Process


When I got the idea of doing my zine about discovering the black and white elements in Little India, the first thing came into mind was the design of Chanel and Dior magazine.

Images from Pinterest- minimalist style 

Initially, I didn’t have a clear idea about the design of my cover. After the consultation with Shirley, I decided to draw patterns that I found in Tekka Centre in Little India on my front cover.

I put a picture of a door on the first page to show that    I used the photo of the outside view of Park 22 Hotel, which was the first building that I found in Little India that designed in colour of black and white only.  I was trying to make everything organised and put them in horizontal and vertical alignment.

For the spread of BIRDS, I used film strip as a border of the photos to show that this spread is like playing a documentary about the pigeons daily life in Little India.

I was trying to place the photos in a collage manner and made adjustments of their size and orientation to create a sense of depth. In addition, added some round shapes for the background to bring out a joyful atmosphere.

For the spread of CLOTHES, I got inspiration from the design idea of Dior Magazine. Then, I tried to tilt some of the pictures a bit and added some illustrations to make this spread more interesting and vivid.

Tried to create a diagonal arrangement in idea 2.

Test Print

In the end, pattern and map were both kept on my back cover. And I changed the style of the map to match the design of my front cover.

Final Work


I was really enjoyed when I was doing this project, going down to the location, strolling around and taking photos, which is a kind of things that I would like to do in my spare time. In addition, one point added to my Indesign skills. 🙂 I have never ever touched Indesign before, it’s really cool to learn new things, although it’s hard at the beginning. Never stop learning and exploring, and try to jump out of the box to find out something different and unique.


Locale Gallery

Locale_Collection of data

Project 2A_Little India

Little India is located in the centre area of Singapore and at the east of the Singapore River. (MRT Station: NE7/DT12)

Little India is one of Singapore’s most vibrant ethnic districts, as well as a buzzing historic area with a vibrant culture in Singapore. Walking down the Serangoon Street and the neighbouring streets, I have seen a lot of Hindu and Chinese temples, mosques and churches.

As I entered Little India, the first thing that caught my eyes were the vibrant colours. I could hardly find any monochromatic elements.


However, I still believe the existence of them. So I decided to stroll around and discover the little bits of black and white in the colourful Little India.

Collection of Data

Park 22 Hotel, which was the first building that I found in Little India that designed in colour of black and white, both inside and outside. The staff there was very friendly and also allowed me to take photos inside.

I found a lot of pigeons which are in black and white colours around Little India. They are eating, sleeping, playing, and strolling here everyday. So I decided to do a documentary about pigeons life in Little India.

All the clothes here are found at the second level in Tekka Centre, which is an open-air Centre with a large indoor ‘wet’ market, as well as some goldsmith shops and sari stores.



Locale Gallery

Locale Process