F4D Assignment 2-Sequencing Images

F4D Assignment 2-Sequencing Images

Group member: Christina, Esther, Vania, Yan Ran




This is a story about Vania and her long-lost friend Smita. After high school, they separated because Smita decided to fly to London for university study. However, when they accidentally met each other again, things changed……




We tried to generate the storyline by following the 3 Act Structure. And Special thanks to Christina for creating the storyboard.


Task 1 – Sequencing Images



We kept changing different locations, attires and props. And we had a lot of experimental shots to help us find out a better angle or a better movement to tell the story. The shooting process wasn’t that simple, but we did have a lot of fun! Special thanks to our talented actresses Esther and Vania!



Leon-the Professional (1994), which is one of my favourites movies. I can watch it over and over again, and never get bored. It tells a story between a professional hitman Leon and a 12-year-old girl Mathilda.We can see the photo of the victim from the reflection of his sunglasses.


Focus on the shoes of the character; we can also see the position and distance between the room of Leon and the room of Matilda’s family. 
Close-up shot for the clock to show that something gonna happen. 

We see the hand of the hitman first instead of seeing his face. 

Rule of thirds 

Some other techniques we used in our photos, such as

Two-point perspective/Medium shot

Long shot/Horizontal line

Diagonal line

We used colour images to show the present and B&W images to show the flashback; used close-up shots to show the details or convey the feeling and emotion of the character; used long shots to show the environment.


As there were too many coincidences and disconnections happened in the first storyline, after consultation, we tried to make some changes in our storyline to make the story more logical, clearer and smoother.

When we were not able to find a proper ‘gun’……

We borrowed a glue gun from Jingyi. 🙂

And photoshopped it into a real one!!! Special thanks to Christina for her magical work. 🙂

Problem solved!

-Photo Story 


Task 2 – Sequencing Images with sound



I have to say that the sound does help the video make sense. Sometimes, it can tell the story itself even without the image. The part of choosing and editing sound was another difficulty that I faced during this assignment. It took me a lot of time to find a right sound from the tons of resources online. For some specific scenes, we also recorded the sound ourselves.


I got inspiration from this movie clip of The Godfather that we watched in class, a sound of a passing train was thundering outside when Michael was in the toilet to represent the terrible thoughts were occurring in his mind and racing heart.  Meanwhile, the train sound also helped to emphasise the tense atmosphere. The same sound returned when Michael sat back down at the table, and it became louder and louder, then, he pulled out the gun.

I used the church bell sound at both the beginning and ending part in my video to convey the audience an information that someone is dying, actually, there was no church bell in my video. In addition, I also used the clock sound effect at the beginning to show that Smita was on her mission, and when she got brainwashed, she was just like a cold-blooded killing machine. 


It also took me a lot of time to choose photos and arrange them in a ‘right’ sequence because our story was a little bit complicated, . For the part of ending flashback, Smita got all her memory back at the moment she hit her head and saw the watch around Vania’s wrist. I decided to shorten the duration of each frame to show that everything was back together into her mind in a flash.

Here comes the FINAL VIDEO!


Assignment 1-Research and Process

4D Assignment 1-Research and Process


Rinko Kawauchi, a photographer from Japan. Kawauchi as a photographer has developed the skill to create poetic moments and purity from everyday objects. As I decided to choose an apple as my object. So I was also trying to achieve what she does in her images to create a beautiful picture out of an ordinary object, with a light, pastel tone and shallow depth of field. That is also the reason why I chose the plain white background.


I have also inspired  by another Japanese photographer and director, Mika Ninagawa. She is known for  her vibrant and brightly coloured photographs. In her works, I can see that she is an expert of using high saturated colours. Her unique photography technique creates a fantastic world and the result is extremely wonderful.



Apple was the first one appeared in my mind when I was thinking about an object to represent myself. For me, apple is not just a kind of fruit, it is one of the necessities of my daily life since I was a child. It does accompany me for quite a long time.

I have been obsessed with the choice of colours of the apple. Comparing to the red one, I decided to choose a green apple instead in the end, as colour also help to convey the message. Red is an intense colour, it is not only associated with meanings of love and passion but also some contrary meanings of rage, danger and temptation. Green brings with it a sense of hope, health and growth. In addition, green apples usually taste sourer than red ones. I want to use it to show that I am trying to step out my comfort zone and accept the sour in my life.

For the location of my world, library is a place that is significant to me. During my childhood, I spent most of my time to go there to study with my friends. Therefore, I decided to take photos of the library in NTU.

Here is a part of experimental photos that I did not choose as the final images. I have tried various vantage point. I cannot see clearly what I want to express through these images.





Picture Story-Cruating Self

Assignment 1: Picture Story-Curating Self

Task 1: Object and representation of self.

As the saying goes, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. My dad kept telling me about the benefits of apples tirelessly when I was a little girl. Apple is not my favorite fruit, however, now it is more than a fruit, and it has become a necessity of my life.

For the first mid-range shot, I put the apple in the center and took the photo from the top down. I did take photos of the apple from various angles, and I decided to choose the photo above because it looks like the apple is floating in the air or falling down.  

When I was in primary school, my mom put an apple in my bag every morning I left for school. Every day, there was an apple lying on my desk, listening to the lessons and watching me solving questions, just like deskmate. And it also became a recognizable symbol of my seat in my class. Hence, here comes the second image. In this image, it is obvious to see that I  am sitting a little bit far from the apple to show that I didn’t really like eating apples.
This photo was taken following the rule of thirds.

Now, apple is one of my daily necessity. In the third image, I cradled apple in hands and placed it at around the same position of my heart. I was trying to use this close-up shot and focus on the apple to show my love for parents, I want them to know that I cherish everything I have, and I am able to take care of myself even though without them by my side. On the other hand, it shows that I wanna step out my comfort zone and I am learning to accept the sour and face the challenges in my life.

The group of the photos taken above was inspired by Rinko Kawauchi, a photographer from Japan. Kawauchi as a photographer has developed the skill to create poetic moments and purity from everyday objects. I was also trying to achieve what she does in her images to create a beautiful picture out of an ordinary object, with a light tone and shallow depth of field.


Task 2: My World

Library is a place that is significant to me. It is a place where I go with my friends after class, and with my mom on weekends. Although I spent most of my leisure time in the library during my childhood, I am not a bookworm. But my mom is, she likes reading and she dreamt of becoming a writer when she was young. Personally, I really enjoy staying at a place like a library where has extra-high ceiling and huge windows on the walls. And I like such a quiet place and everybody there seems like they are immersed in their own world. It provides a kind of invisible power for me, which makes me concentrate on my own work and be more efficient,  therefore I prefer to go to the library to study.

In the first photo, I tried to make things in symmetry.

One point perspective shot to show how organized and tidy the library is. All the bookshelves arranged in lines, and all the books are neatly laid out.

The third photo was taken following the rule of thirds. I use the green apple to represent myself in the library. The photo was taken in ADM library to show that I am currently a student here.

For the three photos above, I tried to make the library look like a ‘wonderland’ by increasing the saturation and contrast of the image to show that how interesting and magical the world is. As reading is a way for traveling as well, we can see everything and go anywhere we want in our mind through a book. Therefore, the library is a place for me to create my own world.

The last photo was taken following the rule of thirds and using the contrast of lighting to show that books can guide us and light up our lives. Sometimes, I feel that reading a book likes we are passing through a tunnel, probably we cannot see and understand anything at first, it is a process of exploration and discovery. In the end, we will see the light and the fascinating world out there.