Mnemosyne’s Scent-Plastic

Mnemosyne’s Scent – Plastic

Recycled Plastic Bottle Sculpture

“Plasticity” Sculptures by Aurora Robson7965805042_261694db87_z



Miwa Koizumi

Here is my plastic model that represents both pleasant and unpleasant scents.


Mnemosyne’s Scent-Planar

Mnemosyne’s Scent – Planar


-Greek goddess of memory, who was considered one of the most powerful goddesses of her time.

A short film to accompany Daphne Guinness’s perfume beautifully explored the visuals of scent.

“I wanted to explore how I perceive  scent visually,” says Daphne, 

“scent is directly related to memory”

“It is something of a sensory path, evoking snapshots of one’s past as you smell it.  It has the power to transport you from the room in which you stand, to a place buried within the depths of your memory.  I wanted to illustrate that scent can take you on a journey.”



Everyone has a unique “smell print”. There are no two people smell things the same way because each of us has scent blind spots, which means specific odours we can’t pick up on. For example, that room spray smells like violets to you but like herbs to your friend. You can both be right. Good smells make people happier. Smelling a fragrance you perceive as pleasant has a positive effect on the mind. SmellLike taste, smell is a chemical sense. Odorants enter the nasal cavity to stimulate 5 millionreceptors to sense smel...

Our scent cells are renewed every 28 days, so every four weeks we can get a new “nose”, but our sense of smell weakens with ageing. A woman’s nose is hypersensitive when she is pregnant, so pregnant women’s weird food cravings may be caused by their heightened sense of smell.


Smell and MemoriesSmell and Memories The brain region forsmell (in red) is closely connected with thebrain regions involved with memory (li...Smells get routed through our olfactory bulb, which is the smell-analyzing region in our brain, and it is closely connected to our amygdala and hippocampus, brain regions that handle the memory and emotion.


Smell Memory Kit (SMK)

The SMK has been invented and developed by the famous smell scientist Sissel Tolaas (SSSL) in close cooperation with SUPERSENSE. Sissel Tolaas started her work in the 1990s, and she has spent seven years collecting 7,000 scents around the world. Now, her work is helping people make memories. The concept behind the SMK:

WE THINK it is time to start creating the tools for the most effective and most emotional snapshots ever. Capturing and preserving your dearest and most important memories in a much deeper way than ever before, using your sense of smell.”

The newly opened Smell Memory Lab at the SUPERSENSE palace in Vienna.




Planar Composition

2D Planes (fit in a box):

  • Straight axis
  • Bent axis
  • Curved axis
  • Complex axis

3D Planes (does not fit in a box):

  • Curved
  • Broken
  • Twisted
  • Grouped

Here are the 2 sketch models that I created by using 2D and 3D planes.

Sketch Model 1:

2D Analysis:

Sketch Model 1.1:

This is the final model after modifying


Sketch Model 2:

2D Analysis:

Sketch Model 2.1:

This is the final model after modifying