Project 2b: Organic Type

1. Exploring the Quote

I wanted a quote from our everyday lingo so that everyone could relate to it. To prevent my indecisiveness from becoming a stumbling block, I quickly decided on the quote


This quote is interesting as it can be used in different contexts – sarcasm, annoyance, fury, etc. It could be said as a passing remark or in an argument.

Project Emo Lines: Fury

This assignment reminded me of our very first 2D assignment about emotions and I decided to ride on one of them for my typography – FURY. Using the same aesthetic of black paint and torn paper, I experimented and created an A3 draft.

Thankfully all the alphabets are symmetrical!

While I do quite like the end result, I felt that this was too simple as it is riding too much on my previous work and not creating any new value. Hence, I decided to experiment with another emotions from the other end of the spectrum.

I get quite annoyed with sticky tapes when they crumpled up before I could use them. Translating this experience into my typography, I decided to use crumpled text to form the quote. The transparent crumpled PVC tape differentiate itself from the white cartridge paper. I thought the subtle difference may help suggest the slight annoyance. However, most classmates preferred the B&W one because it evokes a stronger energy. I decided to go with the piece that communicates better with people.

2. Experimenting with Material

I started to experiment with other materials that could also evoke the same strong emotions. I had a sudden inspiration from my friend’s complaint when she said “Why must he copy and not just use something else such as hair?” Oh yes, I get quite disgusted with wet hair stuck on toilet walls. (Can you not leave behind your wet hair on the toilet walls???) I could do something along that line! Perhaps a poster to tell people that.

Hence, I collected hair from the nearby salon and hid in the toilet for an hour to ‘design’ this hair font. (P.s. I forget to prepare gloves and did it with bare hands.)

While the font is visible, I do agree with Shirley that the lines are too fine and not able to stand out if it is used as a campaign poster. Instead, the chromed shower head seem to demand for more attention in the poster. I needed to consider the hierarchy in my poster.

  1. Headline: ‘CAN YOU NOT’
  2. Suggested Context: a small shower head will do.

3. Finalising

Firstly, to create outline of the alphabets, I had to shoot the alphabets individually because I did not have enough hair to form all the alphabets needed for the poster at once. And, at this point of time, I decided to use my own hair. It’s too gross to touch other people’s hair. This makes it convenient too as whenever I needed a bit more of hair, I would just snip a lock from my head.

Secondly, I had to create a pseudo toilet with Photoshop to get the right angle and elements within my poster.

I also decided to use white tiles instead because it helps to emphasise the alphabets a little more.

Alas, I’m using Crescent Hall’s logo for purely for aesthetic purpose. They have rather clean toilets actually.

Project 2a: Vernacular Type

1. Chosen Space

I think this assignment is a very good excuse to hand out at your favourite place. Hence, I choose Tiong Bahru.

Ideas for quotes

It’s a place I frequent almost every week because my Ah Ma stays there. To me, Tiong Bahru is synonymous to Ah Ma’s house.

While researching about the place, I found out that it literally means ‘to die new‘. ‘Tiong’ means to die in Hokkien and ‘Bahru’ means new. I felt that literal translation also accurately reflects the co-existence of old and new in Tiong Bahru. In comparison to the latter, this quote was less personal and able to be understood by most.

2. Photos

It took me 2 trips to get the right photos. I shall review the rejects first before showing what worked. During my consult with Shirley, I learnt that what didn’t worked could easily be explained with Gestalt Theory.

Left: If there is no border, it is harder to recognise it as D.


Right: However, when there is a white space around it, it helps to focus on the subject ‘D’. The border acts as a ‘closure’ for the subject ‘D’.


Left: the white building is bleeding into the white (overexposed) sky at the top and become a part of the subject ‘E’.


Right: The subject ‘E’ stands out when there is a clear distinction between the subject and background.




Both of these letter works. However, in different ways.

Left: We recognise ‘L’ instead of ‘i’ because due the peephole is too far to be seen as a part of the handle.

Right: Due to the proximity (and size), we can recognise an ‘i’.


3. Layout

So, these were 3 layouts I were experimenting. While the first two are rather neat and structured, I decided to go with the last one because it resemble a flying bird could possibly symbolises the revitalisation of Tiong Bahru.





Festival de Málaga
Published Oct 2011
Client: Festival de Málaga


This poster is an event for a film festival and elicit a vibrant community of people. This is one of my all-time favourite posters because the images speak very strongly. Even thought I do not understand the Spanish title, I know that this event welcomes people of all walks of life. It takes on an interesting bird’s POV perspective and used vibrant colours to depict the celebratory event. The name of event is also well-placed as a visual metaphor of the event which attract crowds. In all, this poster had effectively transcends language barriers images and clever placement.

1B) Develop Slogan and Moodboard

My initial mindmap of slogans

After the sharing session in class, my final slogan is ‘Doses of Fun with Art’.
It was evolved from ‘Art Heals’ –> A Dose of Art a Day Keep the Doctor Away –> Doses of Fun with Art

The keywords are ‘Doses of Fun’