Presenting my final work! MY OWN PERSONAL ZINE:

This is my front page: and I elaborated it in the Process.

As advised by Shirley, the last page’s bird is there as it was one of the closest thing to life other than the plants and my limbs that day.

This runs through to why I chose to caption my pages/spreads as

  1. 1-800-ParkingPipes
  2. 1-800-RailingWindows
  3. 1-800-Piper’sStairs

and finally the title 1-800-PatternZine.

HAHA I find out that I keep wanting to make puns out of everything.

Why 1-800- you may ask? This is to follow the industrial theme of the zine. It is also because my phone was the only thing responding to me at that point in time. It would be fitting to put the titles as hotlines and have the titles suggest the subject matter of the particular spread.

This whole zine was taxing as it required us to think about a lot of aspects of the zine. From the typography to the pictures to the patterns TO THE LAYOUTS! Each component required a lot of attention.

This let me understand that spreads are important from start to finish and to even create a wider spread with a lot more content such as fashion magazines etc. they would require a whole team and a whole long period’s worth to create an amazing spread. However taxing it was, the experience was one I hope to relive in the future! I want to create many more zines and experiment with many more different layouts to find one that I really am comfortable in!

THANK YOU, SHIRLEY FOR SUCH A GREAT YEAR. IT HAS BEEN A PLEASURE LEARNING FROM YOU. BOTH THE MODULE AND LIFE ADVICE. Thou has truly inspired me to go beyond my boundaries and challenge myself (against my will) and I truly appreciate the effort that you have given all the classes throughout this year! MUCH LOVE MUCH MISSES :”’)