Assignment 1

Assignment 1

Task 1 : ME




Task 2 : OBJECT





Task 3 : MY WORLD






In this assignment, I learn how to use a professional camera and using different mode or light effects according to the different environment and so on.

Author: XianTian


3 thoughts on “Assignment 1”

  1. The second photo in your first task was one of the impactful images from the sharing session we had in class. There were many things that I liked – the color, the blurriness of the photo as well as the expression in your face. It’s a lot going on yet at the same it all worked in your favor! While you might have thought it represented you feeling lost, there was also an added layer of asking us to join in your journey of seeking yourself.

    1. Thanks for your comment,I think I should get the about controlling of the light, it can make the photo be more attractive .The expression of my face should be shown more helpless and confused to touch on the ideas as well. Actually,the place I took this photo was inside the lift where located at the Hive, I try to shoot the moment when the door was closing to give a sense of mystery.

  2. I like your series of TASK 2, it shows a good connection about yourself and your items, i felt that you really enjoyed your meal, the food was really delicious. I also like the layout of your pictures as well as the colour.

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