Get well soon (1)


To start with this project, I did some research about the various types of folding and to see how the informations flow in different type of folding. In addition, I found that the idea of hot tea, plaster, soup, animals, flower or nature can bring out the idea of wishing them get well soon.



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  1. The Collection Fingerprints

At the beginning, due the patients in hospital may feel alone and they need the caring from other people. So, I came out with some idea which can suit the theme, for example, sunflower, ocean or sunshine. As I haven’t thought that any solutions to make the ideas above meaningfully as now they are too literal and normal. After that, I decided to go through the idea of “The Collection of People’s Fingerprint” to support the idea of accompany. It is because everyone’s thumbprint can be so different in the way to show that they are very personal. Other than that also to express the emotion that they are willing to help the patients to overcome the difficulties. I am going to illustrate the thumbprint characters in human-like and also show them in a narrative way. To make this card more playful, I also think that it can be a game such as snake and ladder as the patients still can play with it during the time in ward. However, Michael mentioned that this idea doesn’t really show the concept of “getting well soon” or maybe need to work with the elements which can support the idea of recovery.


2. The idea of sending hug 

I was inspired by these few picture so came out the idea of “sending hug to the patient”. So, I decided to make my card seems like a patient being hugged.



Ideas and design exploring

Week 1

Children’s drawing | My initial idea was I trying to fix the style to children’s drawing and I also tried to draw a character by crayon but it came up very messy style and I don’t think people will get comfortable when they received this kind of card.

The mother hug (1) | As I was not sure I was going to the right track, so I just started with a random woman and trying to tell the audience this is a colorful card. After I drew out the character, I found that she looked like a mother who I think can deliver the idea of  giving the warm hug to a patient. For this card, you will see a kind woman when you opened the card. The idea of collecting people’s thumbprint also has been added to form a heart shape. The cooperated texts and the logo will be placed on the wings where inside the page.

screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-22-57-46The mother hug (2) | Another idea I presented on the same day is when you opened the card, you will see a patient lying on the bed. This make the fold interesting because when you fold the wings in, the woman is hugging the patient.


After the consultation in class, I received the opinions that they were prefer the previous idea with a smiling woman.  Besides, they also mentioned that the unsure part for the hair of the nurse was awkward because when you fold down, it will look like a black color block or nothing. To overcome this problems, adding hair-clip, hairband or a nurse cap are the solution to do.


Week 2 

Ng Teck Fong nurse | Receiving the suggestions from classmates, I changed the main character to a nurse who was working in Ng Teck Fong Hospital. I took reference from the uniform in the hospital and another changing point was the heart held by the nurse was changed to a solid heart shape instead.


Pixelated art | The pixelated font reminded me of the process of “sending” can be seen as a game. So, I hope that my card to be like a gaming card and people will feel relaxing when they saw my card.


I haven’t think the solution to overcome the problem of the unsure part of the nurse hair, even adding hair clip or some decorations, I think that is kind of distraction because there are too many illustration on the pages. So, I prefer this design with just a pair of hand outside the card but this ideas may not work as seeing the hands floating in the air.


After the presentation in class, Michael suggested that the wishing can be put inside the heart and the size of the heart should be bigger. The nurse also doesn’t look like a Singapore nurse as the nurse in Singapore won’t wear the cap. I keep reviewing this card I felt it was definitely ugly.  The way of the heart being held looks unnatural. So, I decided to redraw the character.