Field Trip – National Museum of Singapore

We had the chance to go for the field trip because of taking this module. It will be a good inspiration as we are able to see what is happening outside and not just stay in indoor.


The exhibition that we went is about the Modern Colony(1925-1935) in Singapore. The free admission is only valid for Singaporean and PR so I spent $10 instead to buy the ticket. It’s really worth it because I got my inspiration here. Through a series of cultural relics and characters, this exhibition presents the life of Singaporean in the historical periods. I found something interesting about the features of the cultural relics in different times are quite unique and we are still able to distinguish them although they are from different period.


I found the clothing of this period, especially women, normally they will have a loose and comfortable cut. Their costume will focus on a main color and the details will be reflected in cuffs and collar by decorating with lace and buttons. Perhaps, for them, the simplest is the representative of wealth. In addition, I also found that they will choose to use slippery clothes. From my inference, the slippery fabrics could give the impression of luxury and thereby showing their position in the society .





The design of the shoes at this period is also the part we must put attention at. You can see the details of the sewing are very fine. Therefore, these are not the shoes that a normal people can afford at that time because it took time and cost to complete. Inside the exhibition cabinet, I also found a pair of shoes with the smallest size. Through this, I know that they might have the foot-binding custom(a vile feudal practice which crippled women both physically and spiritually), as the smaller the foot, the woman will be more beautiful and attractive.


Last but not least, this is the stage attracted my eyes when I first entered the exhibition hall. It shows the people were attending a party. I can feel how luxurious it is through their set up and costumes. I appreciated to see this part of my field trip because I was inspired by this to have an idea on how to show my weekly process presently. I decided to explore different types of surface by making “mini” costumes. Besides, my theme will be childhood memory so my model will be the Barbie Doll instead. I might combine different techniques together to come out with the best outcome.