Walking Home II

Home: As a form of an object

Video: Image and sound

Having grown up hearing my mum in the kitchen cooking, the sound of chopping, slicing, sizzling meat etc has now become something familiar. After 21 years I have already formed an attachment to this sound and just hearing it from the kitchen makes me feel warm and homely. Likewise, something feels amiss if I don’t hear it. Also, meal times are the only time my whole family come together and share a table, and even if we don’t talk at all I still leave the table feeling good, as if we all had a conversation through mind reading.


Brief discussion:

Creating narratives using still images allows you to picture the situation in your head, usually based on your own experiences while moving images are really just what you see is what you get (unless abstract, then imagination comes into play). To me, this could be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Being able to imagine gives you freedom of how you want to view the work, but it can also mean that you might not be able to understand fully the artist’s intentions. However when sound comes into play, it is a sign that makes you think in a certain direction that the artist intended to and it can also enhance the experience of the work, where you might be able to perceive smell and sometimes taste (in the case of my work, you probably can perceive both smell and taste based on your own experience and memory which could be a nostalgia of your mum’s cooking).