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Initially, I misunderstood “don’t play with width” as “don’t vary width and only vary length”, and thus my models were woefully inadequate. As such, for the final, I didn’t particularly play around, as opposed to focusing solely on emphasising the dominant, subdominant and subordinate.

I attempted to play with a subdominant curling around the reaching dominant, and the subordinate as the cherry on top, though I couldn’t quite make it stand well despite supporting with wire and a cardboard+art card base.

The one I submitted was hence a low dominant sailing over the base, with a subdominant coiling around it and a subordinate stabbing right through. The dominant is mostly a single curve, with a little breaking towards the ends, while the subdominant is much thinner and features both smooth curves and 3D broken planes. The subordinate, conversely, is thicker than the subdominant (experimental), but much shorter, and features only a 2D broken plane. I do agree with the comment that it seems somewhat drowned, which could perhaps have been resolved with a different direction.


(i tried)



  • We were idealess, so we tried brainstorming from all angles: material, theme, scent, shape, etc.
  • We eventually settled on SALT CRYSTALS, and brainstormed themes from that material

Bath (salts), laboratory (minerals), outer space (crystals), transparency, sea etc

  • We narrowed down to BATH and SPACE, but couldn’t think of anything more, so we split for the day
  • I made designs by drawing various shapes, and considering scents and their shapes to me
  • We eventually settled on the SPACE one
  • We made a prototype with art card and paper

  • Esther suggested shifting the hierarchy by using a large dominant like Queen Amidala’s


  • We used black crepe paper for the large dominant. A metal wire frame is inside to provide structure, while black crepe paper was pasted on both sides.
  • We used golden paper for the disc, with metal wire inside to provide structure again
  • We used salt crystals for the subordinate, with grey paper to provide structure
  • We noted that it had issues such as being flushed without much piercing or wedging, but decided not to change it


  • Dominant: The void of space, dark and enveloping
  • Subdominant: The sun, golden and circular
  • Subordinate: The stars, scattered and shining

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