4D Final Assignment (Research 2)

I’m still quite unsatisfied with the current layout because from my previous 2 projects, I have actually moved on from those ideas/ “burnt” them away especially in project 2 which means I am leaving the past behind and not looking back. Hence, I do not feel that current layout is moving towards the direction I wanted and as the catchphrase goes “Two steps forward, one step back” which doesn’t seem to make sense to me. 

So time for more inspiration again.

I was watching Ghost in the Shell and there was one scene at the end where Aramaki kills Cutter, the villian (apologies for spoiling the movie if you have not watched it) and it really spoke to me. I viewed it in a very symbolic way whereby the main character major, is finally released from her past too but the part that I was extremely inspired by was the part where Cutter is killed and falls into the water. Like the chinese idiom “水落石出”, I saw it in as a way of as the truth being revealed and water acting as a form of purification as the water envelope him. (I actually said DAYUM when I saw that scene + apologies for the horrible quality of the scene) 

Another inspiration I found was from the fashion label, COS. It was created by a New York studio, Snarkitecture. Designers Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen used lengths of white fabrics to create the installation in Milan. COS gave the designers complete freedom to design an engaging space for visitors and an environment to present its current apparel range for Spring/Summer 2015.

They filled the space with white fabric strips, suspended from the ceiling, then cut away some of the lower sections to create tunnels and spaces through the fabrics. Visitors walk through a curtain of the strips to enter the space, and can then choose to follow the path created by the shorter lengths or pull aside the longer sections to cut through the spaces.

I am fascinated by the fabric interacts with the space and also how the audience are allowed to choose their paths which to me represented their own decisions. The vastness of it and how it envelopes you was mesmerising and compelling for inner thoughts/ reflections. The whiteness of it represented as a blank slate to me and purity and the whole thing just evoked some sort of reinvigoration in me.