Chapter 1: The Meeting

Chapter 1 : The Meeting


A dark elf was on her horse, riding sluggishly through the green plains. Her ebony skin shimmered under the moon, her piercing gaze scanning through the landscape. She could spot what seems to be a castle standing tall in the distances, and a campfire not so far away from her. With the castle on sight, she rode off toward the direction of the campfire. She got off her horse and just when she was about to offered her greetings to the lone figure at the campfire, her instinct screamed at her. The figure emits an eerie, unnatural aura around him. He sat quietly, without any movements with his back facing her. Under the cloak, her hand instinctively went to her side, touching the handle of her scythe.

“I want no trouble, traveler.” The lone figures began. With her hand still at the handle, she moved around into the sight of the ghastly figure.

“Well met. Oh… I see. Dark skin, white hair. It is quite rare to see your kind around this region.” He greeted.

“If you know my kind, you know what deeds they have done. Aren’t you afraid of me?”

“Not if I can profit from our meeting!”

“You want me to protect your goods on your way to Ashania.” She understood the notions of his words.

“I am glad! Sellswords are unusually expensive these days. And I am sure bandits will not be stupid enough to attack your kind.”

“And what profit is waiting for me after escorting you?”

“How about these delicious dried Mutaki meat? Or the hare stew? Or I can show you wonderful deals for weapons and armors at the vast kingdom!”

“All of them. We will set off at dawn.” The dark elf snatched the dried meat from his hands, help herself with some stew at the fire and proceeded to lay down on the floor.

“Before we rest, perhaps we could exchange names. I am Ima. Ima Richards. Yours?”


The South Gate of Ashania

At dawn, they were riding towards the kingdom, but somehow both of them felt weird. It felt like something was staring at them, or at Ashania. They dismissed that notions and before they knew it, they were at the south gate of Ashania. The gate stood tall and grand, and at the top they could see a guard waving at them, shouting. The duet could not make up what he was trying to do. The guard threw his hand up in frustration, and shouted as loud as he could.

“Wait there!”

A few moments later, a voice asked, “Business o’ pleasure?”

The two could not find where the voice was coming from.

(player’s response)

Author: Goh Cher See

I was Cher See

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  1. Evraset had already hidden her scythe upon sight of the castle, and keeping her face concealed under her hood she turned to the wraith. Whatever he was, it annoyed her how she had allowed herself to be involved with this thing to begin with; she could have easily got into Ashania herself with the kingdom none the wiser. Tempted by the thought of rest and an easy meal, however, she had, in her discreetly drunken haze, accepted.
    “Well? You aren’t paying me to socialize.”
    Her head still throbbed a bit from drinking the night before.
    Damn wine.
    Whoever heard of a dark elf sellsword?

    1. [OOC] Cher See please don’t reply yet! We’re continuing the thread and we’ll leave you a note when we’ve finished :^)

      Relief flooded Ima’s (now hollow) insides; he’d found a sellsword to escort him to Ashania. It is rather unusual for cheapskate Ima to even consider hiring one. But Ashania was known to prosper and deep down in his ectoplasmic gut, he knew he’d make a killing in the market selling his goods. However, reality comes crashing down in the form of exorbitant charges* and Ima’s search for the right deal fell through.
      When he encountered the dark elf before him, he had never been more glad that he had decided to indulge in a little feast for one. He’d rather fork out a meal in before handing over a single gold coin in return for protection. After all, he didn’t actually need the sustenance; dead men need no food.
      Ima chortled amusedly before continuing the conversation.
      “Aren’t you a fiesty one? I admire that. You’d make good company, especially for someone who has hung around the dead for too long. They’re not great conversationalists.”
      Ima helps himself to another serving of hare stew.

      1. As they stood before the gates and waited for the guard’s descent, Ima noted that the town had actually bothered hiring guards to protect their borders. This would only confirm that the town is well-off and Ima’s heart would have beat faster if he were alive.

        In response to the question voiced, Ima replied “Business,” wishing that the guard’ll hurry so he could make money. Time is money and his eagerness was certainly peeking through; his foot tapped against the ground repeatedly and he drummed his fingers against his thigh in annoyance. Patience was never a virtue of his and probably never will be.

  2. “You look ready to burst,” Evraset muttered, growing increasingly annoyed with the slow guard, “By the way, you’ll forgive me if I spend these pathetic wares on the guard when he shows up. If you know what I mean.”
    To emphasize her point, she discreetly jabbed one of the weak blades into the air in front of them as she spoke.
    “Nothing like a nice long wait to begin my day.”

    1. Ima stared at Evraset, surprised by her suggestion.
      “I’m starting to like you more and more,” Ima replied.
      And he meant it. She was definitely more than what he had bargained for. He relaxed, looking forward to stepping into the town. The people were rich, so surely they could afford to replace a guard or two.

  3. “I hadn’t meant it, but considering they still haven’t reacted, I’ll assume they’re really choosing to ignore this conversation and deserve it.”
    Three guards appeared through the smaller side entrance, and hidden from sight beneath the massive walkway of the wall, Evraset dispatched them in complete silence. The wraith had given her a collection of small blades and such as a part of her ‘fee’, and she ran them into the corpses long after they had ceased to breathe for the sake of ridding herself of them.
    “There’s your long peace for ya.”
    Leading the way through the door, she called over her shoulder.
    “It likely should concern you your wares will be found embedded in the guts of the wall guards, wraith. Also, we’re in. I think that means our deal is concluded.”
    She slipped off into the city.

    1. Ima didn’t even have time to utter a word of goodbye at her retreating form. It was a pity their companionship was short-lived but Ima wasn’t the type to dwell on fleeting relationships.
      He turned back to the corpses and deliberated for a second. He walked over to the first body and pulled out the weapon lodged snugly in his abdomen. It took a bit of effort and maneuvering but he finally retrieved his wares, carefully wrapping them in a rag so that the blood would not stain the other merchandise.
      A little bit of water and possibly some bleach ought to do the trick. They’ll look brand new once he’s done. Why let a perfectly good weapon go to waste by selling it as ‘second hand’. They had only been used once and they were only proved to be extremely sharp.
      With that thought in mind, he heads off to the town of Ashania.

  4. The duet have entered Ashania, the titanic and opulent kingdom. They were overwhelmed by all the events that was happening around them. On one side, merchants and traders shouting prices aggressively. People flocking around the stores, bargaining with great enthusiasm. While on the other side, a festival is happening. Celebrating and praising the bountiful harvest for this year. People on the streets were dancing and singing, throwing colored petals around. However, a strange feeling overwhelmed both. A presences to the south. Both of them turned around to look at the peak of the Black Mountain.

    They roamed around the street, the duet could hear priest and priestess chanting with all their might, reciting words from a book, “We are pure, when no pleasure would seduce us. We are…” At that point of time, both Evraset and Ima saw each other in front of an inn, called (player’s choice).

    “We meet again.” Ima once again greeted, but Evraset ignored him.

    They decided to enter to ask for lodging and some ale.

    Upon entering, they saw elves and dwarfs with a few human travelers inside, their heads all raised up and eyes staring at the two. The moment was tense until the innkeeper cleared his throat, all the eyes immediately went back to tending the ale in front of them. The innkeeper was a tall, slender elf, with a scar over his cheek.

    “Welcome.” He said flatly, cleaning his mug.

    (player’s response)

    [OOC] Thank you guys for the interesting plot. I would have never expected the outcome. However, I would like you two to stay together, or i will have to create plots for each individual character.

  5. [OOC] No worries we were just messing around, would have come back together anyways lol.

    “Our thanks. We’re looking to rent two of your rooms for an indefinite. . .”
    Despite the relative return to normality in the inn, there was still a lingering sense of tension in the air that was quickly beginning to annoy her.
    “What is it with inns?”
    Evraset regarded the innkeeper and Ima and shrugged back at the guests in the inn.
    “Even in a city like this all that cheer out in the streets can’t seem to reach too far into this place.”
    She spoke low enough to avoid being heard.

    1. [OOC] Anyway you guys have only 40 gold on your pouch. I will flush out the combat system with you guys later on in the story. And you can name the inn anything you want!

      The innkeeper took a closer look at both traveler. What a weird duet, a cloaked figure and a ghastly merchant?

      “50 gold for a night.” The innkeeper taunted.

      (player’s response,
      Player can roll 1D6 + Agility/Intelligent >= 8 to bargain OR
      walk away OR
      your own unique choice)

      [OOC]You can use this if you don’t have a die.

      1. Evraset paused as if to reconsider, then nodded once.
        “You’ve got a nice place. Fair enough”
        Producing the gold, she pushed it across the counter to him.
        “But on second thought we’ll share a room.”
        As the innkeeper counted the gold, Evraset noticed one of the servants waiting nearby, ready to lead them to their room. She made to follow, knowing the gold would be correct, but then paused and leaned back towards the innkeeper. Nodding her head towards a dazed looking guest towards the entrance of the inn, she pushed a few more coins forward.
        “Here, a round for the little guy by the door on me. Bastard’s looking downright pathetic.”
        She turned and followed the servant up the stairs.
        The man by the door had already been far gone and stoned at the time they had entered, and whilst everyone else had been preoccupied staring at her and the wraith, she had used the distraction to pocket his gold.
        She knew the weight of the pouch meant a little over 5o pieces, but considering she had already killed 3 men and robbed a drunk one, she figured the least she could do was give him a drink.
        Then again, being that far gone, another round could have well killed him from poisoning in the blood anyways.
        Oh well.

        [OOC] Not saying I just killed another dude for real but I checked: It’s possible to get alcohol poisoning from beer. . .

  6. As Evraset and Ima turn around and follow the servant to their room, the innkeeper caught a glimpse of the wicked cutlass/scythe she was carrying under her cloak. The innkeeper has finally found the answer he was searching for. He motioned a few sturdy dwarves and elves to follow him up the stairs. They tried to tip toe their way to the room where Evraset and Ima was, but failed miserably.

    Evraset had already heard the creaking wood and heavy breathing outside the door. Both of them came out of the door quietly and caught the group in the corridor, still trying their best to sneak to their room.

    “Wait!” the innkeeper uttered. The group raised their head and was surprised when they saw the duet.

    “Warriors are rare to find in these part of the town. You two look formidable.” The innkeeper stated. However, the two were not amused. Evraset was touching the hilt of the scythe and Ima’s hands started twitching violently. The gang was drawing their weapons in response, but not the innkeeper. Sensing an imminent fight, he quickly interrupted and motioned his group to sheath their sword.

    “We are not looking for a fight, or trouble. But if you do me this one favor. I, Illidan Windra, will let you stay in this inn as long as I live, and sheltering you from any trouble outside.” He assured them.

    “My daughter has been missing for 2 weeks, nowhere to be seen. Recently, rumors were spreading about a group of bandits kidnapping local Ashanians. These few men here saw my Tinu(daughter in Elvish) in one of their caravan. Bring her back, I beg of you.”

    (Player’s response)
    [OOC] LOL, sensing how volatile Evraset’s personality is, I can only pray that she wouldn’t kill off the innkeeper and their men. Anyway the drunk fellow, a dwarf, still survive, and give each of you 10 gold to express his gratitude. (He took out his coins from his boots, didn’t realise that his pouch is missing.)

    1. Ima’s businessman instincts kicked upon hearing about the prospect of a fine deal. Sure the man was temperamental and he was close to mauling an elf but his anger subsided just as quickly as it came.

      He cleared his throat before continuing, “That’s a rather big favor you’re asking for. The room sounds lovely and all but we’re talking about saving your DAUGHTER from bandits. How’s this, we each get 20 gold on top of the rooms and we’ve got a deal.”

      True to his sneaky money-minded personality, Ima would always be looking for a better deal, even in the afterlife.

      [OOC] Sorry for the late reply! I was gathering information for the art history presentation.

  7. [OOC] Hint taken, don’t worry I know significant characters when I see em XD They shall be spared

    “Shut up, wraith.”
    Evraset turned to the Innkeeper.
    “My 50 pieces back on top of the 40 EACH we’ll be getting, and these lousy goons of yours far out of my sight. Then we’ll talk. ”
    She regarded the Innkeeper carefully.
    “And if you think that’s too much to ask I’d like to point out I don’t usually take kindly to people even thinking about trying to sneak up on me. You think I look formidable? You don’t want proof.”

    1. Ima stared at Evraset in what could only be described as pure admiration. She’s a natural at bargaining, most likely a result of her formidable presence. Ima had never really seen a need in making friends, not unless he could exploit them. It was a strange feeling when Ima thinking that Evraset would make a worthy companion; someone who could deliver threats to back up her demands would definitely make a fine friend.
      His ruddy cheeks were stretched into a cheshire grin as he turned to study the innkeeper’s expression. The elf’s jaw ticked in annoyance at the pair’s demands. His hands were rolled into tight fists by his sides, trembling in fear or anger, Ima couldn’t tell, nor did he care. If the elf tried anything funny, Ima was sure the pair would make sure he’d never live long enough to hear laughter again.
      The innkeeper remained silent while he kept his fists by his side. Ima’s foot began rapping against the weathered wooden planks. The short silence of deliberation was already wearing on Ima’s nerves, especially after a long day of travelling.
      The innkeeper had better voice his decision soon. Ima didn’t like waiting.

    2. Illidan hesitated, but ultimately agreed to their terms. He dismissed his gang, except for one, Mardi Ivanhammer. The black bearded, battle-hardened dwarf stared at the duet with his big, fiery eyes, moistened with tears.

      “Their base is in the forest southeast of here. The bandits are often marked by a lion and an axe on the front armor plate.” Tears rolling down his ruddy cheek. He looked down, too ashamed to stare at the duet or the innkeeper.

      Mardi and Illidan were close friends, and so was Mardi and his daughter. In the past two weeks, Mardi had searched high and low for Illidan’s daughter. And when he finally did, his attempted to rescue her was defeated by the sheer amount of number the bandits had. Illidan patted his friend on his shoulder, comforting him. Evraset and Ima walked past the two, unaffected by the drama.

      “Namaries murti. (May the moon guide you)” Illidan thanked, but the duet continued, ignoring his blessing.

      Evraset and Ima had arrived at the forest. It is unusually cheery, birds chirping happily and squirrels snatching acorn from one another. Nothing seems to be out of ordinary. Suddenly, a flock of birds flew away from a nearby tree. The two were wary, they could feel eyes locked upon them, following their every action. The summer breeze rustled the leaves around. Seizing the opportunity, the bandits attacked.

      Battle – 2 warrior, 1 archer, 1 leader

      [OOC]Ok, here comes the battle system. Both of you start with 100 health points(HP) and 50 magic points(MP)(you will learn magic or skill later on in the game). You can attack anyone with any of your 3 stats, Strength, Agility and Intelligent.

      For both Strength and Intelligent,
      roll 3D6+Strength or Intelligent=Total damage Done.

      For Agility, roll 1D6 first, then the 2nd time.
      If the 2nd roll is smaller or equals to 3, take your first roll*your second roll*Agility=Total Damage Done.

      But if the 2nd 1D6 is bigger or equals to 4, take your first roll+your second roll+Agility=Total Damage Done.

      For example,
      (Merdini Cutter/F
      01/07/04/Dark Elf/Assassin
      Mind Control

      Attack with Agility
      1D6=2 (critical hit confirmed)
      Total Damage= 5*2*7 =70 damage
      to Bandit Leader.

      With great velocity, Merdini slides past the bandit and slash at him with a beautiful display of parry and stabbing.)

      You can narrated how you are going to tackle your enemy! Or just tell me the number, i will just use it to subtract the enemy’s health away. And of course you can use your special ability during the battle, but beware you only have 3 charges for the entire story campaign. The first two turns will always be you two, the first person to comment goes first!

      At the end of battle, try not to move on with the story. Enemy may give you item or special quest! After I have stated the particular quest or item, then everything will be back to usual again.

      I hope you are still with me, if there is anything that you are confused, pm me on facebook. or tell me in the next OOC.
      Thank you for being so active, i am blessed to have you two as my player!!!!

  8. [OOC] I’ll just leave a description of the mount then
    My mount is a large, carnivorous reptilian quadruped that looks and behaves exactly as a horse would due to a screw up that transformed everything of the lizard’s original appearance. The only external features it retained were its jaws, which can stretch vertically open from the horses mouth to reveal a flickering tongue and rows of serrated teeth, as well as its eyes, which blink lifelessly as lizards do. For the most part, as long as he keeps his mouth shut the horse ruse is perfect.
    Its lizard-like abilities were also lost with the exception of rarely succeeding in wall climbing when motivated enough. Everything of its insides are still that of a perpetually hungry lizard, owing to its rapid rate of digestion, whose favorite food is also coincidentally horse (though it doesn’t mind humans and humanoids.)

    By the way, can we do Agility + Intelligence attacks?
    And can we attack more than 1 hostile at a time/can my mount attack (if not I’ll edit that bit out)?

    Continuing . . .

    Str: 03/ Agi: 05/ Int: 04

    Attack with Agility
    Total Damage= 6*2*5 = 60 damage
    to Bandit Leader.

    Riding towards them, Evraset taps the side of the horse’s neck and indicates the Bandit Archer.
    “Hunt, Relig.”
    As he veers off towards him, his jaws stretching open with a sharp hiss, Evraset leaps off and extends her scythe as she does, using the momentum of the jump to swing the blade in an arcing swoop down upon the Bandit leader.

    1. [OOC] Nope, you are only allowed to attack one enemy at a time, (hint: The end of the battle is cued by defeating the leader, the rest is not as important. Anyway you have taken a huge chuck of health from the leader already.)

    2. [OOC] Description of mount
      Being a successful trader has its perks but it also means a lot of travelling is involved. Carrying heavy merchandise across vast distances is one of Ima’s priorities when selecting a mount. Of course, a mount that was considered ‘low maintenance’ and required little expenses is another deciding factor. So what better animal to pick then a… buffalo! Buffaloes are strong and can withstand great weights to begin with, but with a master like Ima, the buffalo discovered how far one could stretch the limits of what was physically impossible. But Ima isn’t all bad as a master; in fact, he had developed a close brotherly relationship with Buffy. Buffy wasn’t the only one who carried the merchandise. Ima carried as much of the merchandise as he could, maximizing cargo space and his money-making capacity. Why would he spend more on another buffalo? That’s ridiculous! They shared (mostly) everything together, including their ill-fates. When Ima bought the cheap green goop to substitute food, Buffy had his own portion and both passed and turned into ghosts.

      As explained before, Ima and Buffy share many qualities. For one, Buffy had learnt to develop a strong sense of protection over the merchandise. He would ram his ghostly body into anyone who poses a threat to the merchandise. ‘Good boy,” Ima would pat Buffy on the head.

      Str: 03/ Agi:02/ Int: 07

      Attack with Intelligence (and Buffy the Bandit Slayer)
      1st roll: 06
      2nd roll: 03
      Total damage: 03*06*07 = 126 damage

      [OOC] I don’t really know what to write here!

        1. [OOC] AnnLi have chosen the target to be the bandit leader. You guys have defeated the bandit leader. It is too easy, but i will try to flush out the combat system more and modify the enemy’s health next time.

          Battle – 2 warrior, 1 archer, 1 leader(defeated)
          Battle ended.

          “I must admit, you two are quite a force to be reckon with!” the bandit leader was panting and lying on the floor, tired from the exchange of blows.

          [OOC] not really an exchange, but a massacre.

          “It doesn’t matter who we are. Give us the girl and maybe, just maybe I will spare you and your comrade’s life.” Evraset hissed, circling around the group of defeated bandits.

          “Maybe a few coins while you are at that!” Ima added, his smile widened at the thought of more wealth.

          “Why would I do that, to let you guys treat her like a sacrifice?”

          “What!? No, you are the bad guys! We are just rescuing the innkeeper’s daughter and get our reward at the end of the day.” Ima was confused, what sacrifice? He looked at Evraset and realised she shared the same thoughts.

          “Wait… You are not from the Ashanian royal guards!? Aren’t you two here to collect the stolen offering?! Well, I guess you sure don’t dress like them, and definitely doesn’t fight like one!” The leader looked at the duet and slowly drifted off into his deep thoughts, continuing his murmuring about the two. Who are they? Mercenaries? Or rival nation’s spies?

          “What Offering? What Ashanian royal guards? What are you guys blabbering about?” Evraset and Ima was genuinely confused. There was another side to this story.

          Frustrated by the lack of information, Evraset pointed his scythe at the leader. “Who are you? You better answer the question fast, my patiences is running thin.”

          “We are the knights of Ashania, from the unit of the golden lion.” The leader revealed. Evraset and Ima looked into the eyes of the leader and his men, they could tell there was a sense of pride swelling inside them as he repeated the words.

          But that did not answer any questions that Evraset and Ima had in their mind, in fact it added more. Before the two could post anymore questions, there popped out an elvish girl from nowhere. With amazing speed and agility, she sprinted towards Evraset and Ima, with her sword raised against them.

          “Let them go, you two Kindoti! (Devils)”

          END OF CHAPTER
          [OOC] Thank you for being such amazing actors! I hope you guys are enjoying the story, I will post the next chapter asap!

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