Task 2: Translating and exploring Design

Design Aim: Develop a logo design for ‘Art on the move’ programme intended for application on button badges worn by volunteers.


Programme Background: ‘Art on the move’ is an initiative by Ng Teng Fong General Hospital to incorporate Art as a form of therapy and positive distraction for patients. The activities for this program are mostly arts & craft sessions that allow patients to produce simple artworks. With something that they could recognise as their own, the program hopes to invoke a sense of belonging in the patients.


Proposed concept:

Concept 1: Warmth, Family, Care, Friendly

Rationale: Interaction between volunteers and patients holds high importance for Art on the move program. Only when the patients are willing to do the craft works with the volunteers, will the program truly fly. Hence, I personally feel that it is important that on first sight, patients can feel the friendliness and genuine care from the volunteers. As such, I hope the badge design can bring out this idea.


Concept 2: Imagination, Lively, Fun

Rationale: It is important for the volunteers to evoke a sense of excitement when they go about the craft sessions with patients. Furthermore, art & crafts brings out the creativity in people. As such, I feel that ‘Art on the move’ program can be portrayed as a program that is lively and full of positive energy, reminding patients of youth and vitality.


Concept 3: Gentle, Soothing

Rationale: ‘Art on the move’ is a program that provide comfort and happiness to the patients. Using art as a recovery method is subtle in nature as it deals with delicate emotions. Art in this case gradually direct the patients to positivity healing mental health first and eventually physical health.


Design Development:

Concept 1:


Concept 2:


1st Critique:

  • More work required to merge the sketch and concept together.
  • Can try out merging a few elements together.
  • Hands can be an interesting concept.
  • Work on combining lively and art together.
  • Minimalistic direction.
  • Some find turning sketches on friendly to be interesting and suggest working on it.



After considering my concept and my sketches carefully, I tried to combine a few of my previous sketches so develop my logo further. Also, I played with the positioning of hands and plants to further bring out my idea of lively.


Initial digital logo:

2nd Critique:

  • Clean up on brush stroke
  • Can feel sense of movement in the logo
  • Plant swirls and leaves are too complicated, some adjustments to simplify plant symbol
  • Hands look slightly rigid
  • Connecting between two hands seems to be lacking something

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