The trailer on the projector was a bit darker than expected. Here is the link to the full trailer for reference.


The slides for the presentation can also be found here.


Here are some development videos to see the process.

EARLY TRAILER (rough cut for the team)

Early level design with AI behavior.


Early gameplay demo


Camera system

Camera state can rotate different perspectives ( i.e top down, close-up, eye level) and different types of tracking/ panning (fast, slow, moderate, panning with rotation, rotation only etc.) The camera can be used to create different types of mood and frame the character to enhance the atmosphere of the game just like cameras used in films.




A version of this ability was explored. Lynn had the ability to absorb light at a range.


Testing out the figure of light. Created by emitting particles from the vertexes of the character mesh.

and some bloopers/bugs