Month: October 2015

Music Box

Group Project




The brief was to create an interface using a camera.


We created 2 ways of interacting.


Idea 1

  1. By pixelating the screen , we created a 4 x 2 grid that acted as a grid to trigger a series of videos.
  2. The videos are then overlayed with each other to give  different effects.


Idea 2

  1. By translating the input for the webcam into sound and the using face tracker to change the values, we were able to get a pitch modulator that is controlled through the position of your head.
  2. We then input the audio into another system to translate it into audio visualizations

The idea was to think of interesting but yet realistic means of creating an interface.


The grid system was simple but not very interesting or reliable. It created a means of which we can toggle on and off and then overlay different videos to get different efffects but that was about it.

The audio visualization was very experimental, the sound that was produced was our own. The images were created out of the sound we made. These sounds were unique and created through our movements.

We translated the motion of the body (and head) into sound and visuals using the most basic interface. Our body


Project objective : PUTTING OBAMA FACE 

Step 1

Adding image to the screen and using alpha blending to merge the two images


Step 2

Inputting the coordinates of the face tracker and using it to draw the image file.

Step 3.

Twerking the settings so that the face image covers my face completely.



One of the main problems was adding the values of the rect into the matrix and then adding the image.

I couldnt get the right values in so the image responded to the face but it was only around the top left corner of the screen and not scaled to size.


usedstdim 1 was used, taking string 1 and 2( x1, y1) for the start and string 3 and 4 for the end (x2,y2).



Face is detected! Image draws with the box.


The box drawn was smaller then my face so the value of y1 had to be adjusted to cover the entire face.


Color of the face was also adjusted through the channel.

I have yet to blend the sides of the image yet.


After editing the image, the face now fits my face but the alpha blending is still lacking


Thanks Obama