After exploring the neighbourhood and speaking to some of the people there, I found out that quite a number of shops have shifted due to one reason or another but still chose to relocate in that area in fear of losing their old customers. The interior of some of these shops and the service they provide may have changed with time, the ‘feel’ has thankfully stayed the same. After speaking to some of the residents as well as people who have worked there for many years, I realised that the personal accounts and information they have provided me with were not reflected online. For instance, when I was doing my research on what to eat at Keong Saik Road, I came across this online guide with Tong Ah Eating House as one of the top recommendations but they did not indicate the change in location. Hence, I decided to design an infographic that provides an up-to-date before and after location of these shops to aid people who wish to visit some of these iconic shops of Outram Park but might be unaware of the shift, in locating these shops and also finding out what has changed after their shift.

J  I    X  I  A  N  G    C  O  N  F  E  C  T  I  O  N  A  R  Y

Cantonment Road → 1 Everton Park

REASON FOR SHIFT: Due to the construction of the Pinnacle@Duxton, they were “chased” from Cantonment by the government and decided to relocate opposite at Everton Park.


H  U  P    A  N  N    T  R  A  V  E  L    P  T  E    L  T  D

REASON FOR SHIFT: Due to the construction of the Pinnacle@Duxton, they were “chased” from Cantonment by the government and decided to relocate opposite at Everton Park.

CHANGE: Used to be a post office provide shipping services and the service of reading out letters for the illiterate people. Now providing travel services.

N  I  K  K  O     F  A  S  H  I  O  N    H  O  U  S  E 

REASON FOR SHIFT: Personal reasons

CHANGE: Now the shop is split into half with the wife selling beverages and the husband providing tailor services.

T  O  N  G    A  H    E  A  T  I  N  G    H  O  U  S  E 

36 Cantonment Road → 35 Cantonment Road

REASON FOR SHIFT: The original Tong Ah building had been bought over and changed into the stylish Potato Head Folk.

CHANGE: Expanded to selling Tze Char at night. The interior walls were painted red and white seen as a deliberate effort to associate back with their old location facade.

S  N  A  K  E  S    A  N  D    L  A  D  D  E  R  S

One of the questions posed by Joy during group consultation was how I was going to show the shift and also incorporate brief descriptions of these shops and what has changed with the shift.
I was told to just sit down and scroll through pinterest. And so I did.
However, after much browsing, I was still unable to find a style that could depict the shift without being too cluttered and overwhelming.
While rolling in bed, an idea struck me. Why not use snakes and ladders since it involves movement and shifting from place to place via the ladders and snakes. LIKE FINALLY

C  O  L  O  U  R    P  A  L  E  T  T  E

I decided to adopt a warm yet muted colour palette, with colours picked out from Everton Park HDB in hope to portray the identity of Outram.
As suggested by Gerald in his group’s 2D presentation, it is important to have a bright, complementary colour to create some contrast against they muted hues. Thus, the use of the complementary blue.

F  I  N  A  L


The numbers on the grids represent the street number beside it is the iconic feature of the shop at current and from before and the names of the streets seen on the four sides of the snakes and ladders board game. The slides and the humans help to indicate the movement from the old location to the new.
The instructions are with reference to the respective numbers on the grid and they provide a brief description about the shops and what had changed and what was retained.

P  R  E  S  E  N  T  A  T  I  O  N

Joy mentioned that placement of the numbers on the grids should have been kept consistent and likewise, I could perhaps remove some of the unnecessary humans such as the girl on the slide to reduce the distraction.

First legit attempt at using Ai and I’m pretty happy with the outcome! AiYOYO 🙂