Assignment 7+8 Part 2+3 (WIP)


Part 2: Start to work on final project proposals – prepare three ideas for a screen-based experience that you’d like to create (it can be speculative). Prepare a slide show to illustrate your ideas. The ideas can be based on any of the field trips done so far or can be something completely new.

Presentation slide here

  1. Order macs through mobile phone to avoid queueing. Pay with cash or nets at the counter. The queue number will be sent to their phones. Perhaps this will be effective if used only during peak hours.

  2. A screen at the bus showing where is the next bus stop; an interactive map at MRT stations and bus stops showing the shortest route to go somewhere and the fare. It should be as simple as possible, so even for the senior citizens who are not tech-savvy could use it.

  3. Real time food waste counter at food courts + the data of how many people can be fed from the waste? This is to discourage people from wasting food.

  4. An online platform that sells everything with no brand. e.g. rice, cooking oil, tomato. This idea is to challenge the visual noise we have today.

Part 3: Find 3 examples of a product/project that you think are good examples of thoughtfully designed user experience. Be prepared to support your choices.

  1. Google Translate

2. Pilot: Smart Earpiece Language Translator

3. MRI that is redesigned for kids

4. Defender 24/7


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