Assignment 7+8 Part 4: Designing for The Digital Age


Part 4, Reading:CH01_Digital_Age_Goodwin.pdf

Book title: Designing for The Digital Age: How to Create Human-Centered Products and Services

Author: Kim Goodwin

Chapter01: Goal-Directed Product and Service Design

Goodwin attempted to define design as “the craft of visualizing concrete solutions that serve human needs and goals within certain constraints.”

  • Visualizing concrete solutions: the ability to imagine an end product and express it in a tangible way for the builder to accomplish the end result.
  • Craft: neither science nor art.
  • Serve human needs and goals: Good design helps humans accomplish something in an efficient, effective, safe, and enjoyable way.
  • Within certain constraints: constrained by time and cost, etc.

Goal-Directed Design assumes the best way to design a successful product is to focus on achieving goals. This approach was developed by the Cooper’s founder, Alan Cooper.

untitledGoal-Directed Design is a method that will help skilled designers ensure thoroughness, timely execution, and consistently high quality of output. Throughout the design process, the designer will always be in contact with the stakeholders and engineers. This transparency allows the team involved in the project to refine the product through team work until it is finished.

Question 1

How to encourage companies to apply this method to ensure that their product development will run more smoothly using Goal-Directed Design method?

Question 2

Would sticking to this method hinder a designer to work in a very short period of time? As I figure that the framework contains a lot of procedure.

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