200227.5 // The Lag


We tried connecting all 8 solenoids to the arduino board through 2 relays.

Each relay is to be powered by 1 adapter. Using 1 adapter for 2 relays will cause the relays to be switch on and off in turns instead of simultaneously.

circuit diagram



The current code uses a random delay inside each loop zone. The program reads the code line by line, and stops the entire reading process when there is a delay. Every loop has to be completed before the program is able to read the distance information from the kinect to determine which zone to activate. The lag is induced as there is no way to constantly read the distance data and jump out without completing a full cycle of the zone loop.


200227.3 // Mini Solenoid Mockup


sculpture blueprint
  • Solenoid gets really hot quickly, duration between clicks to be increased to prevent overheating



Loaned out the kinect to test the depth sensor.

sample base code

Kinect outputs a double image as seen on the right. This is because there is a  physical offset between the IR camera and the projector.


Thankfully, this isn’t an issue as all we need is the depth data and not precise location information.


Next, we tried to colour code objects based on how far they are from the kinect.

weird glitch

The sample code we found online did not include the function to purely draw the raw depth distance data.

Look for corey for some help and…

raw depth data