“Found” Narratives

Artist Statement

World issues like global warming is a real problem. We know that it is a problem, the solution is there but for the sake of economic advances, no one would actually do anything. Pretty ironic.


The concept for this found narrative revolves around the living inhabitants of Antarctica, where glaciers are melting and these animals are losing their home. We are seeing the consequences of global warming through the eyes of this animal that is narrating.

Technical Decisions

I kept my footage looking natural and realistic, not adding in too many effects and transitions, referencing to Nat Geo videos.

The video starts with an overview of the landscape before diving into showing the animals. I wanted to show the audiences this world that the animals lives in, then hit them with the reality by pulling some heart strings on how their homes are being destroyed.


I also mainly use atmospheric sounds like wind blowing and currents hitting the coast to keep it sounding realistic. Risers were added to build up the suspense as the next line of my VO  starts too.

I did not want to change the colours of the footage at all because of the style of what I was going for. Subtle, and not overdoing things brings the focus to what I am saying in the VO, which I feel is the best way to delivering my message.


“This is my home.

My friends.


I can’t live here anymore.

Please save this place.”

Text Premise

Antarctica. A cold world with wide landscapes of ice caps and water. A place where many animals calls home.

But not anymore.

They are forced to flee as they loses their home to increasing global temperatures and melting ice glaciers.

Where can they call home now?


  • National Geographic: A very realistic approach to story telling, in which we observe the lives of animals and the world. A report like style to the narration too.
  • 4k Drone footages of landscapes. Stefan Forster on Youtube does some amazing work with drones.


  • National Geographic: The Life of a Baby Polar Bear – Ep. 4 |Wildlife: The Big Freeze
  • Luke Bell: Antarctica – The Frozen Continent – 4k Drone Video
  • Exposure Labs: “CHASING ICE” captures largest glacier calving ever filmed – OFFICIAL VIDEO
  • MW: Large Iceberg Breaking near Ilulissat
  • Stefan Forster: GREENLAND – LAND OF ICE 4K

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