Being someone that watches mostly animated movies… These are the quotes I’ve found for this Forest Gump project!


“A heart’s a heavy burden”

– Sophie Hatter ( Howl’s Moving Castle )


“They say that the best blaze burns brightest when circumstances are at their worst”

– Young Sophie ( Howl’s Moving Castle )


“Why do fireflies die so soon?”

– Setsuko ( Grave of the Fireflies )


“I hate humans!”

– San ( Princess Mononoke)


“Now go, and don’t look back”

 – Haku ( Spirited Away )


“You still haven’t noticed that something precious to you has been replaced”

– Haku ( Spirited Away )


“Once you’ve met someone you never really forget them”

– Zeniba ( Spirited Away)


“The Earth speaks to all of us, and if we listen, we can understand.”

– Uncle Pomme ( Castle in the Sky )