Hyperreal Composite | breathe




A mask was first created for the human. I also enlarged the background to fit the canvas.

Next, exposure and colour for the composite was adjusted to make it feel like its in the same world.


Then I adjusted the overall exposure and tried to change the highlights to a yellow tint.

yellow highlights

Then green for the shadows, and a little accent of red.

green shadows

Lastly, I dropped a blue layer on overlay to darken the overall image and added grain.


There were a few attempts before this final composite:

This one was too normal for my liking.

attempt 1

This was too yellow overall. It looks too flat.

attempt 2

Artist Reference

  • Josh Wong

I really enjoy looking at how Josh manipulates the yellows and greens in his work. There is such a surreal feel to them.

  • Sang Han

Sang Han’s uses more blues and greens. His work gives off a dream-like melancholic feel. The grains adds a tone of rawness.