Project 4 Final Part II

Marble Run


This series is a study on the movement of a sphere, reimagining a carpark space as a elaborate marble run. The compositions encourage the imagination of movement through the form of the build and architecture of the space. The start and the end of the series suggesting a loop of going back to the starting peak of the run. The imagined movement also suggests a sound scape the the metal ball creates as it travels through it’s path.

Technical Decisions

The images were shot with long exposures due to the low light conditions of the carpark. This resulted in flaring from the fluorescent light sources and thus most of the post processing was to bring the highlights down. I also desaturated and adjusted the curves for the metal balls to pop out from the compositions. A general green/warm hue is applied throughout all the images to make a more coherent colour scheme. The following are the images in the After (above) and Before( below) followed by the adjustments for each image.








Final JPEG Images can be viewed here


Project 3 Final Part 1

Concept Draft

This series examines the flow in the form and movement of structures. I plan to use the silver ball as a motif to encourage and highlight the imagination the movement of the composition through the path of the ball being released from the subject.

Technical Decisions

I decided to use a wide-zoom for the series to enhance the spectacle of the size of the compositions, where the setting is in a big space and the subject being smaller in comparison. To bring out the path or the flow in the image, I decided to desaturate and wash out the elements that are distracting and bring the focus into the subject and the ball.







Digital Photography Assignment 2: Landscape

Download Link





1/50     F3.5   ISO100
Canon 5DMKII

Artist Statement/Concepts

This image was a shoot with friends at Golden Mile Tower. The building probably has the best dynamic architecture that consist of bold colours that are fading and large flows spaces. The emphasis is therefore on the background and the human subjects to fill in the mid ground for scale. The original image was slightly overexposed in the highlights and the colours of the space is bit too cool. In the corrections I masked out the arc windows to bring details back in and use the spit tone technique to balance out the exposure. I also toned down the saturation of the colours and added some warmth into the light that was projected on the floor.


Before and After split-toning the exposure. I brought down the highlights and darkened the shadows

Adjusting the hues for the walls and the interior

After masking the arc windows to drop the exposure, bringing details of the trees in

Warming the yellows in the image by adjusting the mids and the highlights.


Final Image






Assignment 1 : The Portrait (revised)



f/2.8 , 1/50s
ISO800 , 50mm
Nikon D750


Artist Statement

As much as a portrait is primarily about the face of the object, I decided enhance small elements of the subject that brings out his personality. This was done so through the crop, where I included a small peak of his clothes. I did not want to touch his skin up too much as the texture of the goosebumps were unique and injects some life into the image.


Digital Touchup






Stubble / Cheek




I mainly spot-healed away blemishes on his nose and pimples and stubble. I used the gaussian blur to smoothen some pores on his cheek that may serve as a distraction. Grain and Sharpening was added to finish the image.



working file can be found here