Bahaus & Modernism Creative response

I used black and white cubes and added a dash of colour. If that is not Piet Mondrian, I dunno what it.


The left side is the one that represents disgust. Concentric circles creeps me out. It looks like a disease.


Response to the Readings

From both readings, what I got was mainly that modernism had its problems. Which was okay, I mean all art movements had its problem and that was how we created new movements and expanded art. We saw what we didn’t like or what the previous movement did not have and expanded on it.


I agree with what the crux of the first two articles. That there is no one solution to the problems that we have now. Although the design philosophies put forward by the creators of the art movements before us were revolutionary for their time we cannot follow them 100% and and let it dominate our whole design thinking and design process. The beauty of being in the time now is that we stand on the shoulders of the giants before us. Pick and choose the lessons to learn from the different art movements and tailor it depending on the situation. In era we live in where problems take on many different forms, we cannot afford the luxury to be inflexible.

The last article talks about how we should not change for the sake of changing but only to solve a problem. I think as artist and as humans we undergo two forms of change, passive and active. Passive change happens through the everyday experiences we have and through interacting with the people around us. This change I think we cannot stop and we shouldn’t stop it. Active change is when we consciously try to modify the way we do things or the way we think. For active change I agree that we should not change only for the sake of changing. For if we are constantly changing then we will never have enough time to learn from our mistakes. Take your time to change and change only when need be. In my opinion, change is growth and thus to not change would only cause us to be left behind.

Creative Response

When creating this I was trying to invoke a sense of movement

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