Dada Creative Response

Cubist Drawing of Mustafa. Splitting image ??? Yes I would agree. (Side note, I could have merged the drawing more to make it look more cubist.)

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I think this William Morris piece would actually fit right in to my home. It kinda looks like the pattern on my sofa.

A lot of malay housewives (reference being my mom and my thousands of aunts… all malays are related to each other) are actually into the Art Nouveau-esque aesthetic! Especially if it includes Victorian flowers and roses.

DADA response

Dada Response

For my Dada response, I took random pictures of standard replies to “Singapore Culture” and pieced them together into a collage. I desaturated the colours however and superimposed coloured ink splashed on top of it. This is a representation of how singapore culture actually goes much further than the standard replies to “What is Singapore culture… multiracial… etc.etc.” that have been ingrained into us.


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