Mid-Term Presentation

We had two goals prior to our mid-term presentation.

  1. Create two “booths”. Taking into account the feedback we got during the body storming process, we decided to to try an reduce the disassociation between the two “booths”.
  2. Link two computers together such that whatever is being typed on one screen will show on the other.


For the first goal, we created the booths out of trash bags and the tables found inside the Interactive Media lab. To reduce the disassociation between the two booths, we created a more streamline path and played music from the second booth, loud enough such that it could be heard from both booths.

For the second goal, we used Processing’s Network network functions to create a server on one computer and a client on the other. The first booth where participants type in their confessions would serve as the server where it delivers variables such as integers, strings and floats. The second booth becomes the client and receives the variables that are sent by the first booth. Initially however, there was a problem where the client would receive multiple copies of the same string at once.

However,through the use of different ports, we figured out that the server could send more than one variable at a time and thus we were able to program it such that multiple variables could be sent at any given time. And thus we were able to not only get the client to show the words typed on the first computer, but also show it only when enter is pressed on the first computer.


Presentation Day

Confessions typed during the presentation
Walls created to serve as the booths

Feedback Received

‘Oh shit cant backspace’
‘Oh i cant see’
‘I am so hungry now hwelp’
I miss my mummy? 🙁
Just kidding
No mummy i still love you

Music should be inside and not outside
Or music at both areas is sth that can be considered
Dont mind what the participants type? Feel cheeky, wanna type whatever i want.
Poem felt irrelevant to me.
Dont feel connection to poem.
Time inside is quite short, make experience longer, can think more.
If u wan them to type experiences, maybe use sth more direct.
Longer poem?
Triggers more thoughts?
Make a more comfortable space?
Just typing — ends there. Dont rly know whats gng on
If theres sth u have to do before u get to type – maybe its better
Dissonance with words and music? Ephemeral music but words just come out in splats. Come in gradually would be better or match different music to the nature of the font.
Seduce the audience, invite them to come in?
Space where you can set up to create for people to want to go to explore.


Things to work on:

  1. Make it such that the words appear in a more elegant way. Currently we are using a library , fisica world, to make the words appear on the second screen.  We would probably have to use a array list code instead.
  2. Improve on the ambiance of the first booth. Currently we are thinking of fairy lights. The warm light coming from the first booth would hopefully entice people to go in.

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