Project Management for Design Professionals


Okay I know that this is super duper late, but better late than never 😛


So this reading essentially talks about how to plan a project properly and list down what you should be doing and what you should be thinking about before undertaking a project. Now most of these things seem like common sense and they are definitely things that we would have come across during our time working on projects in ADM, however, having them be laid out in front of you is kind scary.


For example the main gist of Chapter 2 and Chapter 5  or the goals (explained in chapter 2) and the project objectives (explained in chapter 5. Now this scares me because I know these things are needed and needs to be laid out carefully which will help a project succeed, however personally I can never work like that.

So for the projects goals,

1. To reach the end of the project
2. To reach the end on budget
3. To reach the end on time
4. To reach the end safely
5. To reach the end error-free
6. To reach the end meeting everyone’s expectations

These I think are standard and it is what everone tries to reach. Whether they do reach it is another question all together. For me however I always just concentrate on a vision. With each project that I do, I always imagine what I would like it to be in the end.

I then proceed to sell my soul to achieve these vision.


For project objectives,

1. Definition of the project objectives
2. Identification of the project team
3. Breakdown of the project into task budgets
4. Development of the project schedule
5. Establishment of the project quality control program
6. Identification of other project-specific procedures and


Once again it is not something that I would usually write down in black and white and follow with zeal. Things like project objectives would be something that I keep in my head. A project schedule is something I would definitely now follow if I plan it out from the start. How I usually work is by seeing what needs to be done for that week and for the day because I feel that the project plan should be dynamic and will change as my image and my project change too. This is also because the way I work is to always dream big first and then compromise and scale down later which I think helps me push myself when making projects in ADM.

However I do agree that although this workflow might be possible when working by myself, it is definitely better to follow a well planned out procedure as the book suggests. The ball game is very different in an official work setting as your work not only affects yourself but so many other people, and time and money is of course much more tight in a company setting.


Thus although I think that what the reading lays out is very common sense, and although I personally would not follow such a rigid structure, I still think that it is good to write all of the goals and objectives down for the project. Even if you do end up not following it, having some structure to your workflow is better than having no structure at all.


This reading also just affirmed my beliefs that it is really super hard to be a project manager. Mainly because you have to manage humans. I’m not sure where I read this, but I read a line that said, “Project managers aren’t suppose to be there to scold people. Rather, they are more like nannies. They have to take care and coddle the people under them to meet their deadlines. Ensure that everything is optimal for them such that they can meet their deadlines with a clear head.” I think this line is very very true.


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