Creative Industry Report

After graduation, I hope to be able to open up my own design start-up, one that could essentially solve clients’ needs on a larger scale. Having gone through in-house internship, I realized the importance of having a strong design to any branding, advertising or marketing in general. It is fair to say that many companies have realized this, thus hiring in-house designers who would adapt the company’s branding and bring its designs to fruition. While there is nothing wrong with finding a full-time job at an art collective/MNC etc, I believe in the future of designers who will become sought after, highly valued and instantaneously recognized for their style and execution. I believe in the incentivization of designers who work based on merit, and produce original content that suits their clients’ needs. It becomes nonchalant and unmotivated to receive a month-to-month, thus the exponential increase of some(not all) who would choose to go through the motion.

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Assignment 1 – IDS

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