2D Project #3: Process

Initially I planned to draw and colour using comic markers. And I did halfway, only to realise how tiring and time consuming it was.

So I did the sleeping beauty and Snow White in copic, and the rest are digitally coloured:

Snow White:

“I have quite a potential, but if I find an easier alternative, I’d rather do it that way.”

This was coloured with copic markers

I completed the rest of the panels.

Sleeping beauty:

“I am hardworking, but if given the opportunity, I’d rather not be.”


“I complain a lot, but at family gatherings, I shut up.”

Cinderella was the most morbid strip cause the mouse was forcefully stuffed into her mouth to ‘shut herself up’. Initially I just wanted cinderella to bow her head down and mop the floor quietly— but that was too normal.

3 Little Pigs:

“I always give my best, but if I face hardship, I crumble.”

Coloured on photoshop


From the start, I knew I wanted to have soft, pastel watercolour backgrounds. So I collected these from google.

At first I tried square backgrounds.

But I felt like they were too plain. So I tried circles, which were more messier and playful. Also, the squares looked too constricted and ordered. Didn’t like that.

Thus, circles it is:


2D Project #3: Fairytales

I love love love childhood stories and Disney princess movies so I decided to work on them in this third project. Of course, to make it less boring, my story plots will come end with a twist.

I worked backwards: I listed down my  personalities/reactions and situations first and then thought about the suitable characters. So I came up with these characters:


-Sleeping beauty (cause I like to sleep)

-3 little pigs

-Snow White

Situations I came up with:

-Easier opportunities/short cuts

-under pressure

-family gatherings

-facing hardship/difficulty