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Video selfie: Hello! Its not me

These days social media has forced us to comfort to a certain image that we think we should be. For example, women are expected to be pretty and wear makeup to be socially(or virtually) popular.  Men check to see if their hair is in place before they post a photo on Facebook or Instagram.

My video selfie is about conforming to the online expectations— by using heavy face filters and exaggerated photo filters. By covering my (natural) face at the beginning, it shows how youths are unwilling to ‘reveal’ their true self online. And I am guilty of that.

Enjoy(click the link below)

Farz’s Video selfie

Hello I am desktop

I try my best to organise my files. I actually have a lot of unwanted and old files that I don’t delete(but I should). I procrastinate deleting stuff that everything just piles up.

The wallpaper is taken using a new 50mm lens I just bought during that point of time. Which I excitedly used it straight after receiving it from the deliveryman.

Project Glitchhhh

Adding on piles of glitch for a group collaboration in class. I really enjoyed editing the photos because you are supposed to screw up. I always feel stressed when I used photoshop and ‘command-Z’ would always be my emergency button whenever I screwed up but today in class I felt REAL freedom!! I didn’t have to think about what I was doing and screwing up has never felt this great.

I also loved how my (half-faced) selfie turned out. The final piece is amazing you can’t even tell it was a selfie to begin with. The progress pictures were great too and contributed to the work. It made the whole collaboration more interesting because you can really get to see how each of us contributed to the glitch.


It was the first time I used Adobe connect and it was so COOOOOOOL!! When I first heard about it, I thought it was probably going to be similar to the same boring old Skype. But nope I was wrong.

I had a lot of fun and it was nice to see the whole class communicating with each other and trying to co-ordinate our body parts. I loved the fact that our whole class can be involved.

A particular activity that I really enjoyed was the part where we used a transparent bottle. We could still see our faces and it looked like we were using really cool filters. Of course the only problem was that some of us didn’t have a water-bottle.

Micro-project 2: TELE-study/stroll

I did the live video with Elizabeth. Initially, we wanted to video ourselves leaving south spine and meeting at ADM again, where Liz takes the bus and I’ll walk. But apparently we forgot that the video had to be horizontally done. So. Re-do.

So Liz went back to her hall and I was at ADM library. We both realised we were on our laptops doing the same work so we decided it was interesting to document it- Liz was doing it in the comfort of her hall while I was in a (cold) public space.

The contrast in the nature of the location makes it an interesting documentation process and we had fun. I couldn’t make a lot of noise because I was in the library (duh) but Liz could walk around A LOT (and she did) and had no restrictions whatsoever.

Posted by Ros Farzana on Wednesday, 24 January 2018

It was interesting to see the difference a setting can make to a person and how it curbs a person to act or portray themselves.

That’s all folks goodbye

Microproject #1: Facebook live experiment

Posted by Elizabeth Quek on Thursday, 18 January 2018

It didn’t feel like anything special when you were holding the phone, seeing your face on camera. But seeing everyone’s videos together on the live broadcast was really nice to watch.


The Facebook Live Video Wall