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Singapore in Bauhaus

Singapore is practically known for our ridiculously tall buildings, especially within the CBD area. IN my Bauhaus design, I incorporated long vertical blue bars to represent this. They can also be interpreted as bars in bar charts, demonstrating Singapore’s analytical and competitive spirit.

But despite being all serious and ambitious, Singapore also has a softer and artsy side. This is an artwork I really love on display at Changi Airport terminal 1, Kinetic Rain. I incorporated its fluidity into my Bauhaus design with red circles.

Final Design:

Art Nouveau

The flowers are Bougainvillea, a popular tropical flower that can easily be spotted on the streets of Singapore. I chose it to be in my design as they are often overlooked in Singapore, it being such a common roadside flower.

For the background, I snapped a regular bush I spotted. I chose that bush as I loved the spikey/sharp edges. And they actually reminded me of fireworks!! An annual thing I look forward to seeing during National Day.

The purple ‘butterflies’ are actually leaves. I placed them alongside as Singapore is well known for being a ‘Garden-city’ (or so we’d like to believe).

I edited the hues of the original colours on photoshop as I wanted to make the colours less clashing and contrasting and make it a more harmonious piece as a whole 🙂