Project 2 Process: Painting with Elephants

First things first, I got onto Pinterest to get inspiration and ideas for my brochure.  What caught my attention was this packaging design, but I modified the number of ‘trunks’ so that it won’t pop out as much. I wanted to have the ‘trunks’ presented as elephant trunks.

Through trial and error, I found out that the more number of ‘trunks’ there are, the more it will stay flat. So instead of having 6 ‘trunks’, I will have this template below and do 8 ‘trunks’.

So I printed it as exact and cut it out. I folded it and managed to do it without much trouble. However once folded, the ‘elephant’ trunks looked too sharp, which wasn’t what I wanted. Also, my elephants were supposed to be rounded and cute.

So I retraced the template on illustrator and made the template more rounded.

And I added in the details of the brochure.


Time to test print! The first test print was a failure because I didn’t make the bleed big enough. So the back and front of the pamphlet didn’t match. The second test print was better.

This is the inside of the pamphlet.

After 2 test prints and final adjustments, I finally went ahead to buy proper paper that was harder. This is my final:


After cutting, my final product: